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Question: Launching Small Craft

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Re: Question: Launching Small Craft


Well, a mathematical way to guesstimate a launch rate:


(N x 2L)/v = Launch Time


N = number of craft that will fit through a hangar door simultaneously

L = Length of said craft (allow another craft length for a safety buffer)

v = the departure speed of the craft.


So if you are using meters for craft length and m/s for a departure speed, this will tell you the number of seconds between launches.

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Re: Question: Launching Small Craft


I was thinking of using the same rules used for Missile launches, 1 per turn, that you can double for 5 pts


doubling would involve gravitic or electromagnetic catapults like in Battlestar Galactica, the Star Fury bays from B5 appear to be ready racks that just drop all at once

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