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Complicate the Person Above

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Kateo prefers to commute in a pair of 1970 Dodge Charger convertibles simultaneously, the cars running side-by-side as he stands on the rear fenders straddling the gap between them, working the controls with hand-held control pads connected to the consoles by ribbon cables, so it looks like a pair of reins.  Add in the old-style aviator helmet and dark goggles, a fixed bare-toothed grin/grimace with a cigar clamped between his bicuspids, and flames spraying out the back ignited by custom spark plugs in the tailpipes lighting up the incompletely-burned hydrocarbons in the exhaust of these pre-catalytic converter cars, and it's an unsurpassed look in terms of pure cool once he gets the rig over 45 mph.

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It has always bothered Cancer that Saturnalia has nothing to do with the planet Saturn.


Cancer knows full well that the planet and festival have something to do with one another in that both are named after the same Deity.


Lucius Alexander


Can you simplify this palindromedary?

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4 hours ago, death tribble said:

Kaeto was disappointed in the film Wonder Woman. Disappointed that it did not suck like Batman vs Superman.



Difficult to be disappointed in a pair of movies I've never seen. And have no plans on seeing.

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