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Complicate the Person Above

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Dark energy isn't that mysterious.  Just think of it as cosmological-in-magnitude space farts that repel everyone.  And they're in the dark so you can't see where they came from.  


Only Pariah has a decent working model for the form of the force law for Dark Energy Space Farts (DESF).  Because he's sure it'll need revision, he call it DEFS Conjecture I, or DESFCON I for short.

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Death Tribble does NOT look like Lord Kelvin in drag.


After Lord Kelvin had spent half a miserable rainy night under a bridge hiding from the constabulary after a fracas involving a showgirl and sleeping off an epic bender in a seedier section of Nottinghamshire ... now there, there you might have something.  Er, you might, if Lord Kelvin gone on benders, that is.

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