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Death Tribble was the senior executive producer of an Icelandic-language opera based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The show ran in Reykjavik for 3 weeks before it was canceled as being too bizarre even for Iceland.

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Sixty-four bottles of Death Tribble unguent,

Sixty-four bottles of gunk,

You take one down, slick down a pigeon,

Sixty-three bottles of Death Tribble unguent.



Where have all the pigeons gone, long time passing,

Where have all the pigeons gone, long time ago,

Where have all the pigeons gone,

Gone to spontaneous combustion every one ...

When will they ever learn,

O will they ever learn?

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There is a drink named for Death Tribble.  Like a number of peculiarly-named drinks, it's a variety of martini with a non-standard garnish. 


A Death Tribble is a vodka martini with a piece of barbecued eggplant in it.  Even he considers this appropriate, but refuses to explain why.

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