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Complicate the Person Above


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19 hours ago, L. Marcus said:

Pariah can smell technetium. 


Smell it? I can barely spell it!


Death Tribble can spell every single word in the English language ... but not necessarily correctly. 

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Pariah has to stifle the urge to say, "Betcha can't put your tongue on it!" to his students after any number of chemistry and physics demos in his classes.  The one with magnetic levitation of a ceramic superconductor (which has been bathed in liquid nitrogen) is about the most benign of them.  To his credit, for that last one the urge is strong only when faced with a kid with a tongue stud.

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Cancer once got stuck in the elevator in his own personal beanstalk, somewhere around the 10,120th floor.  He was trapped for three days, with nothing to eat but garlic éclairs, nothing to drink but Mountain Dew, and the only sound being the muzak version of The Best Of Rage Against The Machine.


This explains much.

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