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Hero Plus Adventures #6 -- THE DRAGON MANDARIN -- Now On Sale!

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We've had some requests for HPAs for Champions, so we thought we'd try one out. We've just released Hero Plus Adventures #6, The Dragon Mandarin, for your superhero gaming enjoyment! Like Solar Smith, this one isn't precisely an adventure; in this case, it's a collection of characters and related resources: Dr. Yin Wu and friends. Here's the blurb:


Among the greatest threats facing the world in the early twenty-first century is a Chinese sorcerer said by some to have been alive for millennia. Enigmatic, possessing enough power to hold the Chinese government and its vaunted Tiger Squad at bay, and said to have designs to rule all of Earth, Dr. Yin Wu has launched several schemes of conquest in the past, only to be narrowly thwarted by superheroes. With the assistance of his progeny, the Four Sons of the Dragon, he will no doubt try again soon... and this time, perhaps only your heroes will stand in his way.


The Dragon Mandarin includes:


—character sheets and full information on Dr. Yin Wu and the Four Sons of the Dragon


—alternate character sheets for Fantasy Hero, Pulp Hero, and Cyber Hero/Dark Champions versions of Dr. Wu


—over seventy spells and enchanted items from Chinese folklore, myth, and legend


It can be yours, yours, yours now from the Online Store for a mere $5.00 US. :hex:

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