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Stephen King, Pulp Author


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I though you all might enjoy this.


It seems that some pulp loving authors have brought back classic pulp novels under their own publishing company, Hard Case Crime publishing. Besides being a great way to get your hands on old pulp stories, they are now bringing out a series of new, exclusive books. First up: Stephen King. Pretty cool.

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Re: Stephen King, Pulp Author


The Review so far:


Okay, just so you know, I’m only half way through the book so far. I read a lot faster than most, but I travel a lot and am listening to the ‘Colorado Kid’ on my driving trips back and forth between Tampa and Orlando (about an hour one way)…


No spoilers… hey, it’s a mystery story.


From what I’m told the ending of the book DOES NOT end in a nice neat package. I’m looking forward to that. The overall concept is what will either grab you annoy the hell out of you—probably the former if you’re reading this. TCK is a story our attraction to mystery. It’s about setting a mood not a story about solving a mystery. Yeah I know that really sounds weird, but trust me, with Kings fantastic ability to run with character development, it works very well. It surprised me really. I expected the strait “Of all the gin joints in this city why did she have to walk in here†kind of cliché start to the detective story. Its mood and (quick) pace has really drawn me to pick up some of the other books in the series and see what kind of stories they have as well.


From my understanding the company has both new and reprints of classic stories coming. Again, being on a bit of a Pulp charge right now, all TCK has done is jazz me up to play PULP HERO even more…




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