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Computer Controlled Power Armor Weapons

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Maybe it's due to some insomnia but I can't seem to get my mind

around how to accomplish the following effect:


Steelback, a power armored hero, has a set of pulse weapons

built into his suit. Due to the physics involved in generating the

beams the weapons are dependent on massive calculations

performed by the suits onboard computer. If the computer

fails (or is hacked :sneaky: ) the weapons system stops

functioning and Steelback is left to using his hand to hand



So. What is the best way to "link" a computer to a power ?

Is it as simple as requiring a Systems Operation roll prior to

using the weapons and at various intervals there-after. Much

like an activation roll....which is, of course, another simple

way of doing it. Tho' that doesn't seem to allow the option of

suit system hacking by opponents.


Thoughts ?



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Re: Computer Controlled Power Armor Weapons


Depends on how easy it is to hack in/how likely he's going to be deprived of the weapons. At most, I'd say -1/4 limit. More than likely though, I'd just leave this in the realm of special effects.


Things that affect this are generally going to be bought as other powers anyways - EMP attacks, superhacking skills, etc. If he's especially vulnerable to these sorts of things, perhaps a limited vulnerability is more in order.


In balance with a power armored character, I'd say this evens out. After all, should the bad guys get ahold of his armor, it should be much easier for HIM to hack into it and ruin the villain's day.

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Re: Computer Controlled Power Armor Weapons


Requiring a successful roll of some kind for the computer to activate the weapons seems to be the easiest way to account for computer malfunction. As far as hacking into the computer goes, you should define under what circumstances the computer can be "hacked" and what the result is. If it's just a matter of the computer being shut down by a Dispel of appropriate SFX, or something similar, that's a function of the Powers that your attacker is using, and you don't have to account for it in your character's writeup. OTOH if hacking the computer allows an opponent with appropriate Powers (e.g. "Cyberkinesis" Mental Powers) to actually control the armor's systems and use them against the will of the suit's operator, that would probably justify a Physical Limitation Disad for the character, "Affected By Cyberkinesis."

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Re: Computer Controlled Power Armor Weapons


Personally I would just go the simple route with a Conditional Modifier - Requires computer computation to function. Then the GM will just tell you when your computer is down or damaged and you know the power wont work. Still only would round out to about a 1/4 mod though. Wouldn't try to slide by with anything more.

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