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Upcoming Hero Plus Adventures For Pulp Hero

Steve Long

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With Inner-Earth nearing completion, I've been giving some thought to the next Hero Plus Adventures I want to do. Here's what you've got to look forward to in the relatively near future:


Four Fiends: Editing Masterminds And Madmen gave me some ideas for more Pulp adversaries than I could wedge into that book, so this HPA will cover four of them (together with related character sheets for their henchmen and whatnot).


The Voodoo Cross: When an old Haitian relic is stolen from the New Orleans branch of the Empire Club, the PCs pursue it first into the bayous of Louisiana, and then into the heart of darkness in Haiti itself to prevent a Voodoo sorcerer from using its power for evil!


The Chinese Lamp: When a man staggers out of a Chinatown alley and dies at their feet, leaving the PCs holding the strange, etched glass plate he was carrying, Our Heroes find themselves plunged into a strange mystery with roots reaching all the way back to China itself! Can they unravel the secret of the Chinese Lamp in time?


Those are my most immediate ideas; I'm still hunting around for maps and info about the British Museum in the 1930s so I can write Hands Of The Mummy. If anyone has any suggestions or requests for other PH HPAs, feel free to sing out! :hex:

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Re: Upcoming Hero Plus Adventures For Pulp Hero


Those all sound like fun.


I always wanted to do something with HG Wells enlisting folks to help him recover his lost Time Machine before the thief can figure out how to use it and change the timeline forever.

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