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A Thread for Random Videos

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


That movie was so bad it was awesome. I just bought a used copy last weekend. :thumbup:


Also, Ayame's hair looks like they scalped a Jem doll and glued it to her head. :rofl:




That's Kane Kosugi...


Okay, this movie is just filled to the brim with awesome and win.


EDIT: SO I just explained the climax of the movie to my co-worker Shawn...



Me: "So when they first arrived on the island, each of the fighters was injected with nanobots that allow this computer to analyze and then remember each of their moves. Now, they've gathered it all together from the four top fighters, and they're downloading it into Eric Roberts."


Shawn: *Spit-takes Ice tea, coughs, sputters* "Seriously?"


Me: "Seriously. You saw Best of the Best, didn't you?"


Shawn: "Good point, he's going to need those nanobots."


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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


The Gods of Blues.. BB King, Eric Clapton, Jimi Vaugn, and Buddy Guy.



ALso check out this Buddy Guy/Eric Clapton Jam


edit: fixed typo. So sue me I have big fingers

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