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Sir Patrick Stewart talking about working with Sting on the set of the movie Dune. Not what you think, but utterly hilarious.    

4 hours ago, Cygnia said:

Reminds me of a shop near me that never has my business.  The owner is a [BLEEP] and the place looks like a fire hazard.


I've stopped shopping at several stores, including game stores, because of the employees' attitudes. I generally shop online nowadays, especially if there's a particular product I want.

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Ok I gotta admit and come clear about this video. I know the guys that made it. Its their first outing trying to make a podcast/video and I think they did a great job. One thing is that these guys really know the techical side of things but perhaps are a bit naive about the politics of the real world. Any feed back or comment would be greatly aprichated. Me and my buddy have a podcast on the same channel but its in Norwegian so.

But Aimtech is a great show I think. Lots of info! 



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Now drop 50 kg of oobleck on the giant dart and see what happens.


EDIT: The closest I've come to that sort of nonsense was at an observatory, when on summer evenings when there was 3 hours between dinner and dark, we would go over to the plumbing shop, borrow a few 10-foot lengths of junk pipe, and then go over to the south face of the mountain and pry boulders out of the ground and send them tumbling downslope.  We couldn't see the impact at the base of the cliff below, but we could hear it.  Makes me wish we'd had an observer with a telephoto to watch the pointless gravitational nonsense.


Much more entertaining than pouring liquid nitrogen on random semiarid arthropods.

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We had insulated-with-shuttle-tile bottles that held a few liters and were perfect for carting the stuff around for a few hours, after removing it from the much-better-at-holding-cold dewar that was the main observatory reservoir for LN2.  I had the impression that those bottles weren't in the $1k+ range, but this was the early 1980s and perhaps the price has gone up by a factor of 5 to 10 from what I thought they cost then.

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