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How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords?

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Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords?


> One brief note: I did not call you intellectually arrogant.


Didn't say you had. Was commenting on the irony of my having been accused of such in the past.


Edit -- on going back and rechecking, turns out I did indeed say 'and *he* calls me intellectually arrogant', not 'and *they* call me intellectually arrogant'. I'm sorry for my carelessness, and I'll go back and edit it now.



> One final note: I am sorry that you choose to interpret my arguments and

> my words in the way you do.


Here's a nice article explaining the anatomy of a proper apology:




Ask yourself which criteria you just fell down on.


As for the remainder of your post, yes, we do indeed have irreconcilable views. Very much so. That having been acknowledged, let's go to the other thread and start talking about aliens.

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