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Alternate Name for Mind, Inc. ?

Dr. MID-Nite

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If I may be so bold as to rip one off from Six Feet Under how about The Plan ...members speak of "rebuilding foundations", "cleaning out emotional clutter" and ""redrawing your life's plan"...and many other construction/archetechtural metaphors that I can't think of off hand.

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I totally got away from anything remotely "mental".


I also semi-seperated PSI from them. Basically the Myers Institute is doing research into why/how some people use larger parts of the brain than others.


However, when they find someone with Psionic powers the director is notified and he has a polite screening of the subject. In a hidden room are members of PSI. Then the fun goes from there.


This totally severed the obvious ties to mentals and PSI. Of course players figure these things out so nothing is perfect.

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