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And If it's a fear of working with imaginary numbers in over-engineered buildings whilst dealing with unnatural feelings for your Mother, then it's an Oedipus complex complex complex complex complex.

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Some Statistics (credit Demetri Martin):


99.99% of all castles in America are located in fish tanks.


100% of the people who give 110% do not understand math.


The average person will eat more than 25 pounds of meat if offered enough money to do it.


The unicycle is the most effective form of birth control in the world.


Nearly half of all people in the United States are torsos.


If you stretched the average person's intestines out from end to end, it would make them scream a lot.


You are 10 times more likely to get hit by a car when the driver is aiming for you.

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My friend called me and said he has dyscalculia. I said “What’s that?” He said “It’s like being dyslexic but mathematically.” I said “Sorry to hear that, mate. But if you think I can help, you’ve got the wrong number.”

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