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When my kids were much younger, we took a road trip.  My daughter had just learned that joke, and was telling it to her brother. 


After about the twenty-somethingth banana, my son tapped my shoulder and said "knock-knock." 


"who's there?". (dammit!  You've been sucked in!) 


"Let me in quick!  There's a million bananas in my yard!" 



Eh.  Maybe you had to be there.... 

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A gingerbread man walked into the doctor's office and said, "It hurts whenever I walk."


The doctor took a look and said, "It looks like a sprained ankle. Have you tried icing it?"

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A doctor is walking through a mental hospital when he sees one patient standing tall and proud at the door to his room, with an arrogant air about him. The doctor finds this amusing and asks him, "And just who do you think you are supposed to be?"


The patient responds by saying, "I, sir, am Napoleon!"


The doctor scoffs and says, "Who told you that you were Napoleon?"


The patient says, "God told me!"


Then they both hear a voice from a neighboring room: "I did not!"

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So a man is driving downtown one day when he sees a pig walking in the middle of the road. He doesn't want it to cause an accident, so he catches the pig and puts it into his car. After driving around for a while, he sees a policeman parked at the side of the road, so he pulls over to ask for his advice. 


The policeman listens to his story, and tells the man to take the pig to the zoo.


Several hours later, the policemen is driving down the road and sees the man he talked to earlier--and he still has the pig in his car! So he pulls the guy over. 


"Hey, buddy," he tells the man, "I thought I told you to take that pig to the zoo."


"I did," the man replied. "We had such a great time, I decided to take him to a ball game."

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