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Order of the Stick

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Re: Order of the Stick


If I were Durkon, I wouldn't 'compromise' either, not with offers like that...


Let's take a look...

First offer: Ok, you want me to stand by while you do your level best to kill my friends and allies, but on your own team, there's someone you want dead ie Nale ,and the only one you DO care about is the guy most likely to live and if he dies at his son's hands he'll call it a win? How is this equitable?


Second Offer: We BOTH back out, leaving my team , which already down a member, sans their main source of healing? And again.. I care about my team, with one exception, you could care less. How again is this a compromise?


Third Offer: Your last offer is to have me tell my whole TEAM run away from the prize? Again, could you at least buy me flowers first?


Malack's not compromising much of anything with his offers, and Durkon is wise enough to see that. Even then, we do have that little problem of vampire killing people... oh sure, it's a systematic killing protected by a corrupt rule of law (Let's not forget, the 'guilty' in the empire are often innocents) but it's still murder.


So...good on the stubborn dwarf for seeing through the BS.

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One of the downsides of now having a Twitter account is that it seems I'm forgetting to make announcements over here, too. So let's play catch-up:



You've almost certainly noticed that I've been posting new comics every day, and some people have asked me if this is intended to fulfill my Kickstarter promise of nine comics in a row at some point. And the answer is: Maybe. I haven't actually finished all nine comics yet, and it's possible my thumb might tell me, "No way, buddy," before I do. If that happens, then this is just a nice little bonus run of comics for you, and the real nine-in-a-row will happen some other time this year.



As far as my thumb's progress, it's been doing well. I'm not 100% yet—I still need to take frequent breaks, and my lines don't always go where I want them to go—but it's been getting better. My doctor recently told me that my tendon has healed enough that I'm no more likely to snap it during regular activity than anyone else is, so I've been trying to work every day in order to get some of this enormous backlog off of my plate. I know the tendency is for people to tell me to take it easy and not push too hard, but I just wanted to assure everyone that I'm keeping a close eye on it and will stop work for the day at the first sign of trouble.



And since I forgot to mention it here: The Belkar Bitterleaf (and Mr. Scruffy) miniatures[/url=http://morlandstudios.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1421&zenid=dc03946d8c9b84adef916a286ac1966a] came out last month.


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Odd that I could see my post from 2013 on the first page of this thread. Anyway some intense action and its great that he publish more often now I have a reason to visit his webpage every day. As for the story I am not entirely happy but it depends on how it progress with the next confrontation.

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I remeber Durkon and Malack hanging out together, I did not realize they had researched Death Ward while they were at it; thanks for pointing that out.


So Durkon can't very well be a cleric for Thor any longer can he? Can he switch to another deity and keep his levels or does he start from scratch?

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