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So we finally get some clarification on what exactly Dark!Durkon is and how this part of Vampirism works in the OOTS world.


It also reminded me of something Nale said when killing a Mallack:


"I have been waiting for this day since I was nine."


Makes you wonder what backstory do malack and nale have? And is the backstory with the original malack, the Dark!Malack or both?

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In the adventures of Corum by Michael Moorcock, there was a hulking character who called himself a "dwarf".  As I recall, our hero thought this most curious until he met a typical member of the gigantic race and, yes, the original guy did qualify as a "dwarf".


Hmmm...past time to dig those stories out and see how they read again...

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So after the vampire TELLS him "I'm a new Durkon" he finally figures out "Hey, it's not my old friend Durkon!"


So is he now about to take the "Un" out of "Undead?"


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary predicts that the vampire, the Godsmoot, and the plans of Hel, are about to be greenly Disrupted

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