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Order of the Stick

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Re: Order of the Stick


In this specific context' date='[/i'] what does the word "warlock" mean?


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary would say it means "perjurer" or "forsworn" but that's probably not what is meant here.


In 3.5 the Warlock is an alternate base class from the Complete Arcane - they don't memorize spells but have invocations that are always available for use - I believe they have to be Chaotic or Evil (If it's not required it is suggested) their power coming from 'dark' places. The class dances across the line between a little broken and very broken (Though that might just be my impression based on the Warlock's I've seen played); V would consider it an insult as they, like all other arcane classes, would be far below the glory that is Wizardry.

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