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Mancers, also known as Kineticists, are the most common variant of psychics in Wesco. They choose a specialty kinetic, in which they can use one or two powers innately. Using special Mancer's Foci, they are able to use their powers in new ways. Mancer's Foci are relatively rare, and not often sold, since they aren't made on Earth.


Mancer's Foci are special tech devices that allow a Mancer to focus their psionic powers through the device, and the device molds the psionic forces into new powers based upon the purpose of the Foci.


In order to be a Mancer, a character must take the following package deal:


- KS: Kinetics 11, 2 pts.

- Power Skill: Specialty, 9+(INT/5), 3 pts.

- Distinctive Features: Psychic(Mancer); Not Concealable, Major Reaction, Only Detectable by Other Psychics; -10 pts.

TOTAL COST: -5 pts.


In addition, a character who wishes to be a Mancer must spend at least 30 character points on Innate Powers listed under their specialty. The Common Qualities does not count towards this total.


A Mancer's specialty is decided upon at the moment of their first manifestation of their psychic power. When a character first manifests their psionic power, they do it in a specific way (setting someone on fire, lifting a fallen tree, flying, etc.). When they do this, their mind locks into a specific mindset, and their powers are then limited to psionic manifestations similar to their first one.


There are a few special Mancers, called Ubermancers, whose minds have been able to grasp the details of more than one specialty. A character may spend 30 on a specialty, and another 30 points on another specialty, and in doing so, may have more than one specialty. He only needs to buy the Knowledge Skill once, but he needs to buy a new Power Skill for each specialty. When using a Mancer's focus, he may switch back and forth between the powers granted by the focus.


Mancer Powers are normally purchased with the Extra Endurance Limitation and frequently Extra Time, and non-Innate Powers are also normally purchased with the Requires Skill Roll Limitation.


Mancers frequently buy very high Endurance and Recovery characteristics.


At the GMs discretion, a Mancer may do Mancer Tricks during non-combat, small manifestations of their power's special effect that are not necessarily defined in their Innate power (example: Pyromancer lighting candles when they enter a room). This requires a successful Power Skill roll, usually with penalties.

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Telekinesis is the most common form of psionics on Earth. The manipulation of force and energy, the branch of psionics known as Telekinesis includes common Telekinesis, Pyrokinetics, Cryokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Terrakinesis and Aerokinesis.

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Some Mancers don't bother with focusing their powers on some form of energy. They go for power and force, and these Mancers are Telekineticists. Some Telekineticists are flashy, others are subtle, but for one reason or another, their specialty is that of pure force. Also known as Telemancers, Lifters, or Pushers. They have the ability to exert pure psychic force into fields of energy. They tend to be slightly arrogant, because there is little that there powers can't do. Many Telekineticists are vulnerable to Energy attacks, since they are so used to using the physical force.


-- Innate Telekineticist Powers

- Force Deflection: 6 rPD, 2 rED Force Field, Protects Carried Items (Base Cost: 18 pts.); Active Cost: 18 pts.; x3 END (-1); Real Cost: 9 pts.; END: 6

At will, the Telekineticist can create a force around his person that slows down physical attacks against him, lessening the damage he receives.


- Psychic Leap: +10" Leaping (Base Cost: 10 pts.); Active Cost: 10 pts.; x10 END; Real Cost: 2 pts.; END: 10

The Telekineticist can leap incredible distances by stepping on the packets of force he creates beneath him, but packets strong enough to hold their weight are taxing to create.


- Psychic Wall: 6 rPD, 0 rED Force Wall, 6" (18 hex sides) (Base Cost: 25 pts.); Transparent - Energy (+1/2); Active Cost: 37 pts.; x2 END (-1/1), 1/2 DCV Concentrate to Maintain (-1/2); Real Cost: 18 pts.; END: 12

The Telekineticist can create a wall of force with his mind, and it remains as long as he focuses.


-- Common Telekineticist Qualities

- Energy Vulnerability - Very Common, x1 1/2 STUN, 15 pt. Disadvantage

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The art of fire, the second most common form of Telekinesis. Pyrokineticists, also known as Pyromancers, Flamers or Hotheads, have mastered the art of heat. They have found ways to ignite the psychic energy that permeats the universe. Even without Mancer's Foci, they are still formidable foes: being able to shoot flame bursts from their bodies, and control fires around them, Pyrokineticists can quickly damage and destroy anything that stands in their way. Once posessing a Focus or two, they become incredibly powerful combatants. Pyrokineticists are usually resistant to fire and/or susceptible to cold, but this is not always the case.


-- Innate Pyrokinetic Powers


- Flame Dart: 3d6 Energy Blast (Base 15 pts.); Can Originate From Any Part of Body (Indirect +1/4); Active Cost: 19; Cannot be Used as a Constant Power (-1/2), x4 END (-1 1/2); Real Cost: 6; END: 8

The Pyromancer can cause a burst of flame to originate from any part of his body, igniting the psychic energy around the target.


- Affect Fires: Change Environment - 4 Hex Diameter (Base 20 pts); Active Cost: 20; 1/2 DCV Concentrate to Activate (-1/4) Real Cost: 15; END: 2

The Pyromancer can cause fires to spread and grow in heat and intensity, or can funnel the into the air and the surrounding psychic energy, causing the flames to shrink and subside.


- Lava Dart: 3d6 Energy Blast (Base 15 pts.); Continuous (+1), Uncontrolled (+1/2); Active Cost: 37; Cannot Be Used as a Constant Power (-1/2), x2 END (-1/2); Real Cost: 18; END: 8

The character solidifies a packet of psychic energy in his hands before igniting it and sending it on its way towards the target. The initial damage is Physical Damage, the Uncontrolled Damage is Energy Damage.


- Fire Resistance: Damage Reduction 25% / 50% / 75% (Base 10/20/40); Active Cost: 10/20/40; Only Works Against Fire (-1/2), BODY Only (-1/2); Real Cost: 5/10/20; END: 0

The character is incredibly resistant to fire damage.


-- Common Pyrokinetic Qualities

- Pyromaniac: Likes setting things on fire (Common, Strong): 15 pt. Disadvantage

- Cold Vulnerability: Uncommon, x2 STUN, 10 pt. Disadvantage (OR)

- Cold Vulnerability: Uncommon, x2 BODY, 10 pt. Disadvantage

- Can't Swim

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Masters of cold, Cryokineticists can freeze anything. Also known as Cryomancers, Zeroes or Cubists, Cryokineticists can thicken psychic energy around objects at a submolecular level. This thickening causes the molecular components of their targets to stop moving, resulting in freezing. Cryokineticists are usually resistant to cold and water, and vulnerable to heat. Cryokineticists are relatively rare, because few adolescents are exposed to traumatic events featuring cold, and as such are unlikely to experience their original manifestation under cold circumstances.


-- Innate Cryokinetic Powers


- Ice Dart: 3d6 Energy Blast (Base Cost: 15 pts.); Armor Piercing (+1/2); Active Cost: 22 pts.; Armor Piercing Does Not Work When It's Above 80 Degrees Fahrenheit (-1/4, Limitation only applies to cost of Armor Piercing), x3 END (-1); Real Cost: 9 pts.; END: 9

The Cryokineticist can freeze the air in front of him, and shove it along a psychic corridor, impacting its target. When it gets too warm, however, the character can't freeze the air to much more than densely packed mush. When it is cold enough for the Cryokineticist to work his magic, however, his ice dart can puncture even the strongest of armor.


- Freeze Water: 2d6 Minor Transform (water into ice, 1 gallon per point on the die) (Base Cost: 20 pts.); Active Cost: 20 pts.; Very Limited Target - water (-1); Real Cost: 10 pts.; END: 2

The Cryokineticist can freeze any water he touches.


- Cold Resistance: Damage Reduction 25% / 50% / 75% (Base 10/20/40); Active Cost: 10/20/40; Only Works Against Cold Attacks (-3/4), BODY Only (-1/2); Real Cost: 4/9/18; END: 0

The Cryokineticist is incredibly resistant to cold.


-- Common Cryokineticist Qualities

- Fire Vulnerability: Common, x2 STUN, 20 pt. Disadvantage (OR)

- Fire Vulnerability: Common, x2 BODY, 20 pt. Disadvantage

- +10 REC (Base Cost: 20 pts.); Only When It Is Below Freezing (-1), 0 DCV Concentrate (-1/2); Real Cost: 8; END: 0

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Playing with water. Hydrokineticists, also referred to as Hydromancers, Aquamancers, Aquakineticists, or Bubblers, are creators and masters of water. They can use the psychic energies that permeate the universe to turn air into water, and to mold water in any way they choose. While not as combat oriented as the Pyrokineticists or the Cryokineticists, Hydrokineticists are still some of the more fighting friendly Mancers. Of all the Mancers, they are the ones who become the most versatile when using Foci.


-- Innate Hydrokinetic Powers


- Dehydrate: 2d6 Transfer - DEX to END & STUN (Base Cost: 30 pts.); Adder: +12 Maximum (+6 pts.); Active Cost: 36; rPD Applies (-1/2), rED Applies (-1/2); Real Cost: 18; END: 4

The Hydrokineticist, when making a successful touch attack, can drain water out of a character, slowing down their muscle tissue, and slowing them down. The Hydrokineticist is refreshed and rejuvenated by this moisture he drains from the victim.


- Make Drinkable: 1d6 Cosmetic Transform (non-drinkable water into drinkable water, 1 gallon per point on the die) (Base Cost: 5 pts.), Active Cost: 5 pts,; Very Limited Target - water (-1); Real Cost: 2 pts.; END: 2

By touching water, a Hydrokineticist can purify it and make it drinkable. Using a Power Skill roll with the appropriate penalties, the character can purify poisoned water.


- Water Breathing: Expanded Breathing - water (5 pts.)

Some Hydrokineticists become so close to water they learn to live in it.


- Water Walking: +6" Swimming (Base Cost: 6 pts.); Active Cost: 6 pts,; Surface Only (-1), x3 END (-1); Real Cost: 2 pts.; END 3

The Hydrokineticist can actually walk on water.


-- Common Hyrokinetic Qualities

- Extra Swimming

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Brothers of the earth, Terrakineticists are masters of steel and stone. They have many names - Terramancers, Geomancers, Geokineticists, Golems, Bouldermen, Rock Brothers, The Ferrous, and more. Terrakineticists can alter their bodies, turning themselves into steel or stone, and can shape and summon the forces of earth around them. They tend to be incredibly resistant to damage, and are usually very strong. Terrakineticist characters also usually buy high CON and BODY.


-- Innate Terrakinetic Powers


- Fists of Stone: 6d6 Hand Attack (Base Cost: 30 pts.); Active Cost: 30 pts.; Hand to Hand Attack (-1/2), x3 END (-1); Real Cost: 12 pts.; END: 9

The characters fists turn into stone, becoming heavy bricks of destruction. The character's fists become much more destructive. A Terrakineticist trained in Martial Arts is a devastating force indeed.


- Stone Skin: Armor - 10 rPD, 8 rED (Base Cost: 27 pts.); Active Cost: 27; Cost END (-1/2), x3 END (-1), Extra Phase to Activate (-3/4), Linked to "Fists of Stone" (-1/2), Visible (-1/4); Real Cost: 8

The Terrakineticists skin turns to stone. He is not stone all the way through - that requires a Mancer's focus. However, his skin is stone, resistant to damage.


- Grasping Ground: 5d6 Entangle (Base Cost: 50 pts.); Takes No Damage From Attacks (+1/2), Area of Effect - Sphere (+1); Active Cost: 125 pts.; Only on Open Ground (-1/2), Only Affects Characters Touching Ground (-1/2), No Defense (-1 1/2), Does Not Prevent Use of Accessible Foci (-1), Set Effect - Feet Only (-1), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4), 0 DCV Concentrate (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2); Real Cost: 17 pts.; END: 12

The Terrakinetic can allow his psionic energy to flow through his feet into the ground, and reach up through the ground and grab his foes. To oberservers, it looks as if the ground reaches up and wraps around the victims feet.


-- Common Terrakinetic Qualities

- Tough Skin: Convert all PD into rPD.

- Heavy: Twice Normal Weight, Phys. Lim., All the Time, Slightly (-15 pts.)

- Rock Appearance: Rough, chiseled grey or dirt brown skin. Distinctive Features: Concealable with effort (makeup), Noticed and Recognizable (-10).

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These psionicists have mastered the power of air. They are skilled at manipulating the fine psychic energy around gases, but at the cost of being able to manipulate the denser psychic energy of solids. They are known by many names: Aeromancers, Wind Dancers, Cloudmen, and Whispers. Aerokineticists can create all kinds of wind effects, but must be careful lest their powers spark something too powerful for even them to control. Aerokineticists are amazing at stealth, and those who control multiple foci are excellent thieves in high demand. Aerokineticists tend to be physically fragile, but skilled. Their mental characteristics are frequently quite potent, too.


-- Innate Aerokinetic Powers


- Buffeting Winds: 4d6 Energy Blast (Base Cost: 20 pts.); Indirect - any direction (+ 3/4); Active Cost: 35 pts.; STUN Only (-0); 1/2 Concentrate (-1/4), x3 END (-1); Real Cost: 11 pts.; END: 9

The Aerokineticist can target a victim with blasts of wind, coming from all direction, knocking the victim around. The blasts of wind are very noisy, imposing a -1 to Hearing PER rolls, and making it difficult to do anything delicate for the rest of the victims phase (gestures, writing, lockpicking, and so on).


- Gusts of Wind: Change Environment 3" Radius (Base Cost: 15 pts.); Additional -2 OCV with Projectile Weapons (Adder +10); Personal Immunity (+1/4); Active Cost: 31 pts.; No Range (-1/2); Real Cost: 15 pts.; END: 3

At a moment's notice, the Aerokineticist can surround himself with circling gusts of wind. The wind stirs up papers and dust and anything else into a vortex centered on the Aerokineticist. Strangely enough, the Aerokineticist is unaffected by the winds: his clothes are unruffled and his hair stays in place. (The Aerokineticist may turn off this effect for PRE attacks and the like, if he wishes.) Any projectile fired through the winds is at -3 OCV. The Aerokineticist is not immune to this - it affects friend and foe.


- Gasping Breath: 2d6 Energy Blast (Base Cost: 10 pts.); Continuous (+1), No Normal Defense - protected by Life Support: Self Contained Breathing or wearing a faceplate (+1); Active Cost: 30 pts.; x2 END (-1/2), 1/2 DCV Concentrate throughout (-1/2); Real Cost: 15 pts.; END: 6

The Aerokineticist can push the air in front of a victim away from their face, and this vacuum not only deprives the victim of air but sucks the oxygen from their lungs. This can slowly knock the victim out. However, a faceplate of some sort will foil the Aerkineticists attempt to starve his victim of air.


- Air Disturbances: Spatial Awareness (Base Cost: 22 pts.)

The Aerokineticist can sense disturbances around him in the air.


-- Common Aerokineticist Qualities (not to be used in the VPP)

- High Running, Low Swimming

- Defense Maneuver, frequently to level IV

- Frequently light in weight.

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A rare form of psionics, ESP is the power to know something your senses cannot detect. While rare, and somewhat inefective at combat (as a sweeping generalization), characters with ESP powers are greatly sought after by powers that be, especially intelligence organizations.

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Granted powers of knowledge far surpassing those of other beings, Cognikineticists have found a way to use psychic energy to breach the barriers of time and space. A Cognikineticist may also go by the name of Cognimancer, Diviner, Clairsentient, or Loremaster. Most Cognikineticists become priests, believing their powers were sent to them by some higher power - when you can see the designs of time, you have trouble believing it is all chance. Cognikineticists tend to be frail, but this is not always the case - some cognikineticists seek to cheat their fate by becoming resistant to whatever they foresee as being their doom.


-- Innate Cognikineticist Powers


- Death Aura: 3d6 Energy Blast (Base Cost: 15 pts.); Continuous (+1), No END (+1/2), Damage Shield, usable in HTH (+3/4); Active Cost: 49; STUN Only (-0), Side Effects - whenever Cognikineticist performs grab, HTH maneuver, or uses the power offensively, he takes double the effect (-1 1/2); Real Cost: 20 pts.; END: 5

The Cognikineticist can surround himself with an aura - he glows with a myriad of colors. Anybody touching him immediately sees their manner of death. Not the time, not the place, not by whom, but they live through the last moments that will kill them - they feel the fire that burns them alive, or feel the bullet enter their heart, or their heart stopping as they slip into the cold embrace of death when they die. This stuns many people, and some are permanently mentally scarred. However, whenever a Cognikineticist knowingly uses this power to hurt someone, they suffer it doubly. Gloves or clothes are rarely enough to stop this power from taking effect.


- Death Aura II: 3d6 Energy Blast (Base Cost: 15 pts.); Continuous (+1), No END (+1/2), Damage Shield, usable in HTH (+3/4); Active Cost: 49; STUN Only (-0), Side Effects - whenever Cognikineticist performs grab, HTH maneuver, or uses the power offensively, he takes double the effect (-1 1/2), Always On (-1/2); Real Cost: 16 pts.; END: 5

AND Physical Limitation - Cannot Touch People - All the Time, Greatly Impairing (20 Pt. Disadvantage); TOTAL COST: -4 Pts.

Some Cognikineticists are unable to turn off their Death Auras, and go through life inflicting this pain on everyone they ever touch.


- Impending Strike: +2 DCV (Base Cost: 10 pts.); Usable By Other (+1/4), Ranged (+1/2); Active Cost: 17 pts.; 0 DCV Concentrate throughout (-3/4); Real Cost: 10 pts.; END: 0

The Cognikineticist can project his power into the mind of an ally. The ally becomes vaguely aware of strikes that are about to be made against him, and can do his best to avoid them. The Cognikineticist cannot use Impending Strike on himself.


- Fell Strike: +2 OCV with HTH Attacks (Base Cost: 10 pts.); Usable By Other (+1/4), Ranged (+1/2); Active Cost: 17 pts.; 0 DCV Concentrate throughout (-3/4); Real Cost: 10 pts.; END: 0

In addition to predicting the offensive actions, the Cognikineticist can project his power into the minds of his allies so that they can see how opponents will defend themselves. The Cognikineticist cannot use Fell Strike on himself.


- Fell Shot: +1 OCV with Ranged Attacks (Base Cost: 5 pts.); Usable By Other (+1/4), Ranged (+1/2); Active Cost: 9 pts.; 0 DCV Concentrate throughout (-3/4); Real Cost: 5 pts.; END: 0

Similar to Fell Strike, but because of the range, not as accurate.


- Mortal Awareness I: Danger Sense - Any Danger, Immediate Vicinity, Out of Combat: 20 pts.

The Cognikineticist is aware of all attacks on his person.


- Mortal Awareness II: Defense Maneuver IV: 10 pts.

The Cognikineticists, being aware of all attacks on his person, can react accordingly. Requires Mortal Awareness I.




-- Common Cognikinetic Qualities


- Danger Sense - Any Danger, Immediate Vicinity, Out of Combat: 20 pts.

- Pacifism: Psychological Limitation - Very Common, Strong (20 pts.)

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One of the less talked about branch of psionics, Telepathy has a tendency to give people the heebie jeebies, even other Mancers. People who can read minds and send thoughts and change your emotions are the kind of psionicists that society fears.

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The most dreaded of the Mancers, Neurokineticists are some of the most feared beings on the planet Earth. They are called Neuromancers, Inquisitors, Questioners, Telepaths, Mind Readers, and when out of earshot, the Loveless. Neurokineticists are masters of mind control, though projection, and some can even read minds. Neurokineticists powers are frequently employed by large guilds and powerful warlords, but rarely for long. They tend to have an eclectic mix of skills, and those with foci tend to have few combat skills, since they are well protected in other ways.


-- Innate Neurokinetic Powers


- Mental Conversation: Mind Link - any willing mind (Base Cost: 15 pts.); Active Cost: 15 pts.; Must Maintain Eye Contact (-1); Real Cost: 7 pts.; END: 0

- Mental Link: Mind Link - any four willing mind (Base Cost: 25 pts.); Active Cost: 25 pts.; Must Make Eye Contact ( -1/2); BODY & STUN Feedback (-2); Real Cost: 7 pts.; END: 0

The Neuromancer can establish a mental link with another character. As long as the characters maintain eye contact, then it is a simple conversation. However, when eye contact is broken (not counting blinking), the connection is lost unless the Neuromancer plants part of his consciousness in the mind of the recipient. In doing so, he places himself at risk to suffer any damage his link receives. His body is unaffected - the damage is in the Neuromancer's mind, but it is real. If the Neuromancer has a link with more than one character, only he can hear and send thoughts to other characters (i.e., two characters linked to a Neuromancer cannot communicate to each other), unless one of the other characters is also a Neuromancer (a Neuromancer may establish contact with a non-Neuromancer through another Neuromancer).


- Mental Fortitude: Mental Defense: 5 + (EGO/5), 5 pts.

Of all the Mancers, only Neurokineticists can buy Mental Defense as an Innate Power; all others must buy it as a quality.


-- Common Neurokineticist Qualities


- All Neuromancers change the Distinctive Features in the Mancer Package Deal to "Extreme Reaction" - people have a lot of fear of Neuromancers, and even the most powerful people on Earth respect them. Even other Neuromancers dislike confronting Neuromancers.

- They tend to have high INTelligences and EGOs.

- They tend to buy up their PER rolls.

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And that's what I've got. Tomorrow I intend to write up some more specialties, such as:




--- EMOKINETICS (empath, emotion)


--- BIOKINETICS (life forces)


--- EXOBIOKINETICS (external biokinetics)


--- WILD TALENTS (illusion)




--- NECROMANCY (the dead)








And I want to write up a few example Mancer's Foci, so people can see what I've been talking about. I'm really looking forward to making them in the HERO system, now that Snarf solved my problem.


But that's all for tonight.



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