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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


Ice Age of Innocence

The Most Dangerous Crying Game

Attack of the Killer Fried Green Tomatoes

The Fisher King of Kings

The Godfather of the Bride

Popeye, the Sailor Man of La Mancha

Crouching Tigger Hidden Dragon

Billy Madison Avenue

The Muppets Take the Manhattan Project

Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin' Aces

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Damned

The Music Man in the Iron Mask

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


Crouching Tigger Hidden Dagon


My brother did once run a Call of Cthulhu adventure where the PCs had to save the Hundred Acre Woods from the depredations of Heffalumphs and Woozles. PM jkwleisemann for the detaikls if you want to hear more, though this was a long time ago.

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


Howard, Fine, and Howard, Texas Rangers



Didn't the Three Stooges do something rather like that in several of their shorts? I remember something with a headless Indian and a bunch of crooked cowboys in white sheets and masks as 'ghosts'.

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