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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares




I actually played that. A friend of mine had a D&D adventure based on The Keep (film) which was about Nazis inadvertently awakening an ancient evil. So there was the usual dimensional rift thing and the D&D party found themselves in combat with the SS, a few Panzers, and a horrifically powerful vampire warlock. I have all kinds of bad memories of the session, first because I don't like machine guns in my fantasy, second because the module was really frickin' hard, and third because I got into several arguments with the GM that in hindsight were the result of a ruleset that really couldn't handle modern weapons at all.


I remember seeing an adventure scenario similar to that in an issue of Dragon Magazine several years ago, only it was an

Evil High Priest and his horde of creatures that were the threat. The WWII German troops were still the OpFor in that one,




Major Tom 2009 :bmk:

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