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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Scientology in Middle-earth, founded by Elrond Hubbard

Cross posted   Sung to the tune of Monster Mash     I was playing at the game store, late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For the dungeon master met all our eyes And suddenly

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Fictional characters who would be bad to play Risk with.


Father (Fullmetal Alchemist)  "What is up with his pattern of attacking neighboring countries, and why does he ask-is it time for the eclipse?-after every turn


Palpatine "I don't get it, he insisted on being 2 players, and he keeps attacking each other."


Aizen (Bleach)  "What the ****, happened?  I was on the verge of winning.  then I looked down and the board is set up completely different, 2 seconds later, like I was in a ****ing illusion"


Lelouche (Code Geass)  "One minute I was looking at him, then it is like I blacked out and made a series of horrific moves"


Chewbacca:  "Yes, I finally won....hey, let go of my arm!!!"


Cant believe I forgot these 2.


Serpentor-  "Why does this guy keep yelling orders at his pieces, following with-this I command"


Megatron/Starscream-  "This one guy goes to the other room to get a snack, and suddenly this other guy pops in declaring-I am your new ruler"

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because they cant help but go out of their way to annoy the hell out of non-Wolverine fans. 

But Wolverine goes with everything!


Wolverine: Rise of Cobra...The secret lives of Wolverine...Deadpool: Wolverine strike back!  Wolverine, The Empire strikes back...etc!!! :rofl:

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Wolverine, Pride and Predujice...The importance of being Logan...OK,  I'll stop...for now...



Well they did mix Pride and Prejudice with zombies, so anything goes, I guess


How about Wolverine with Lost, so I can put him on a deserted island to not be heard from again (hopefully)


Note: As my mother puts it with Lost "It actually made Gilligan's Island make more sense in comparison"  (she quit watching Lost during Season 2, because as she puts it "she got tired of being confused")

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