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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Professor XXX and his School for Mutants


Mr. Rodgers & Hammerstein Neighborhood


The Two Fawlty Towers


Bye Bye Birdie Flipper


Of Mice and Are We Not Men?


All in the Addams Family


The Sonny & Timeshare Show


The New Damn Yankees Workshop

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The Assassination of Elmer Fudd by the Coward Daffy Duck.


No doubt the Unrated Director's Cut version has the reveal that, while it was Daffy who pulled the trigger, it was actually

Bugs Bunny who planned out the entire operation -- even down to having Daffy gunned down by a pack of "vengeful"

hunters (after all, dead ducks tell no tales, right?) on his way to his arraignment.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

Yes, I'm despicable...

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A Pocket Full Of Testicles And Skittles


A Fist Full Of Testicles


For A Few Testicles More


The Good, The Bad, And The Enurch


The Great Rape Coater (someone call SVU)


Ok... I'll quit for now.

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Evidently, they were showing Deep Impact on some channel.


The ending should have been:  Patrick Swayze's Point Break character going out to ride the asteroid-fueled tidal wave.





There was a scene in the novel Lucifer's Hammer where a few surfers just off the California coast did just that following

the impact of a cometary fragment striking somewhere in the Pacific Ocean; most of them wiped out and died in the first

few seconds of riding the wave, but there was one surfer who managed to make it inland for a mile or so, before running

into an apartment high-rise (can you say 'bug on a windshield/car grill'? Sure you can :yes: ).


Come to think of it, the Peter Fonda character in Escape From L.A. did much the same thing (or was going to; I forget

which it was)...



Major Tom 2009 :earth:

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