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Genre-crossover nightmares

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On the basis of a new thread about the Clampetts:


Beverly Hillbillies' Cop - Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills, only this time, it is for the family reunion of his new fiance, who turns out to be from a surprisingly wealthy family, and not a small town deep south family, like he'd thought... Or maybe he was right the first time after all!


(Naturally, Axel soon finds out that he's actually a long lost, but not so distant, cousin of the family. But then again, he also realises that the rest of them don't think that's problematic, so... neither does he!)

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Justin Hammer-time

Now out of prison after his short stay for minor charges related to breaking Whiplash out of jail (which he successfully argued was essentially just intended to be minor corporate espionage at worst, since he expressly condemned any actual assault against Tony Stark), Justin takes some time out to find himself. Still being a billionaire, he obviously has plenty of spare cash to travel the world, seeking out 'spiritual' sites and- well, okay, he's not really getting it at all, but it sure seems cool, and all the locals seem to get it, which is good enough for him. Eventually, he finds Kamar-Taj...

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22 hours ago, tkdguy said:

How about having Scooby Doo and his friends run around in Middle-earth?


"That's not an orc running around in Farmer Maggot's fields; it's Ted Sandyman!"


"I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!"


I can picture them tying up a Nazgul, unmasking him, and saying in unison, "Old Man Smithers??!!"

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