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Genre-crossover nightmares

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


I actually saw a fanfic that crossed over the X-Files and Chicken Boo. Of course, I couldn't resist reading it. Crazy story, of course, but not much more so than some of the weirder episodes of the X- Files.

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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


I did think of one for Scooby-Doo one time. You know those episodes when they had guest stars (Don Knotts, Batman and Robin, etc) Well how about special guest star Rob Zombie. :shock:



Note: or alternatively Marilyn Manson.



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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


"The Screams of Music"


The Sound of Music meets Call of Cthulhu...Julie Andrews, Nazis, Cultists and Horrible Things from Beyond...






Great opening scene:


Maria (singing): The hills are alliiiiiiiive....




Random shepherd: Go on.


Maria: No, that's all. The hills are alive!



And then later on when Maria is introduced to the Von Trapps.



Von Trapp: And these are my children. Step forward when I call your names, Liesl, Rolfe, Friedrich, Louisa,


Maria: Hold on a second...


Von Trapp: Kurt, Brigitta...


Maria: ...wait


Von Trapp: Marta, Gretl


Maria: They're all identical. I mean different sizes sure, but all identical. Those staring eyes, those slobbering lips, those little tendrils emerging from their nostrils.


Von Trapp (shiftily): It's pretty isolated here in the mountains


Maria: What are you getting at?


Von Trapp: It's the Innsbruck Look.



And let's not forget that heartwarming scene during the thunderstorm as the children rush into Maria's bedroom.



Younger Kids together: Oh Fraulein Maria, please can we get into bed with you and Liesl?


Maria: Well, Liesl and I were just, um, talking about musical notation and...


Younger Kids: Oh please! The storm is so loud and we didn't make it! Please can we get into bed with you.


Maria: Well I suppos- what do you mean, 'we didn't make it'


Younger Kids: Oh please Fraulein Maria, the storm is so loud and we're so hungry.


Liesl: Scared!


Younger Kids: Yes, scared, that's what we meant, gosh isn't German a hard language to master. Scared. Please?


Maria: Oh go on then, everybody get in. Now, do you know what I do when I'm scared.


Younger Kids: I'm sure we'll find out soon.


Maria: I remember my favourite things. Shall we sing a song. Gretel stop drooling on my leg like that it's not nice and (sniffs) appears to be slightly corrosive.


Younger Kids: Yes, let's sing a song while Liesl tries to hide those suspicious root vegetables you were presumably preparing for tomorrow's lunch.


Maria: Off we go then. Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens...


Kurt: Kittens?


Briggita: Like Shantaks, but with less parasites.


Kurt: Eeww.


(Fast Forward as all kids learn song & join in)


Ensemble Cast:

Shoggoths with grudges, and byakhee in bunches

Faceless, amorphous things, bones as they crunches

Screaming pale mortals are our offerings

These are just some of our favourite things!


Amphibious kinfolk that ooze when they stutter

Tickling nightgaunts and shantaks with butter

Dholes and Cthonians, from the Earth spring

These are just some of our favourite things!


When the stars' right,When the blood's spilled

When I'm feeling shrived

I simply remember my favourite things

And hope our foul lord's arrived!



(Door bursts open. Enter Von Trapp, glaring madly at his children and their joyful singery)


Von Trapp: What is this noise?


Liesl: Nothing father


Von Trapp: Did I hear singing.


Other Kids: NO father, certainly not father, who us, etc


Von Trapp: What are those root vegetables doing there?


Liesl: Just forget the damned root vegetables ok, we were discussing musical notation.


Von Trapp: And where is Fraulein Maria


All Kids: Who?


Von Trapp: Come on, spit her out.


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Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


" R'ley Street"


Sesame Street meets the Cthulhu Mythos


Scary tentacled muppets teach kids about the Mythos. Don't ask what lives in the trash can! :eek:


"Stars are right. Everythings A-O.K. On my way to where the weird things play.

Can you tell me how to get...how to get to sunken R'ley?"




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