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Make Your Own Motivational Poster

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Amazing how much difference a single word can make....  

Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster


Remember there are only 7 plots. Everything else is a remake.


"O R'lyeh?"


The Seven Basic Plots:



Here are Booker's seven plots:



Overcoming the Monster


Hero learns of a great evil threatening the land, and sets out to destroy it.

Rags to Riches


Surrounded by dark forces who suppress and ridicule him, the Hero slowly blossoms into a mature figure who ultimately gets riches, a kingdom, and the perfect mate.


The Quest


Hero learns of a great MacGuffin that he desperately wants to find, and sets out to find it, often with companions.


Voyage and Return


Hero heads off into a magic land with crazy rules, ultimately triumphs over the madness and returns home far more mature than when he set out.




Hero and Heroine are destined to get together, but a dark force is preventing them from doing so; the story conspires to make the dark force repent, and suddenly the Hero and Heroine are free to get together. This is part of a cascade of effects that shows everyone for who they really are, and allows two or more other relationships to correctly form.




The flip side of the Overcoming the Monster plot. Our protagonist character is the Villain, but we get to watch him slowly spiral down into darkness before he's finally defeated, freeing the land from his evil influence.




As with the Tragedy plot, but our protagonist manages to realize his error before it's too late, and does a Heel Face Turn to avoid inevitable defeat.


The "Basic" Plots in Literature:



People often say that there are only a certain number of basic plots in all of literature, and that any story is really just a variation on these plots. Depending on how detailed they want to make a "basic" plot, different writers have offered a variety of solutions. Here are some of the ones we’ve found:


1 Plot | 3 Plots | 7 Plots | 20 Plots | 36 Plots...


The Aarne–Thompson classification system: tale type index: [wiki]



The Aarne-Thompson catalogue divides the following tales into sections with their "AT" number entries. The names given are typical, but usage varies; the same type number may be referred to by its central motif, or by one variant folk tale of that type, which can itself vary, especially when used in different countries where different variants are well known. It does not have to be accurate for all tales; The Cat as Helper (545B) includes tales where a fox helps the hero.



~ Mister E =P

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Re: Make Your Own Motivational Poster




Debatable in it's absolute accuracy, but the sentiment is spot-on IMO. :D


I still don't see King Kong. Something is stuck in my eyes, and I can't seem to move them to the right. ;)

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