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Marginally Powered Sit-Com Heroes

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Re: Marginally Powered Sit-Com Heroes


No Heroics


British sitcom of low level supers and their day-to-day lives.

Website Wikipedia entry

I've been watching it - and 3 of the 4 main characters are played by folk who used to be in the Absolute Power sitcom about marketing.





Alex, "The Hotness" – Nicholas Burns


Alex controls heat and is desperate to be famous for saving the world (or at least someone), but somehow Excelsor always manages to save the day before him. His main work comes in winter when he fills in for the heaters at old peoples homes when they are broken.



Sarah, "Electroclash" – Claire Keelan


Sarah can control machines with her voice. However she would rather steal a pack of cigarettes from a machine than help the ‘normal’ world with her power. Seen as the most rock ‘n’ roll of the bunch, Sarah is the daughter of famous superheroes "Rampart" and "Velvet Veil", described by Sarah as the "Torvill and Dean" or the "Richard and Judy" of the superhero world. She is Alex’s on-off love interest, having broken up with him some time prior to the start of the series. Sarah was a member of the short lived superhero team known as Ladytrouble, alongside Jenny (She-Force).



Don, "Timebomb" – James Lance


Don can see sixty seconds into the future and is an expert in torture. However, these days the homosexual Spaniard only uses his abilities to his friends’ advantage, due to his retirement only taking on a sparse few jobs to keep the cash rolling. He is also an ex-drug addict, and appears to be addicted to sex with strangers.



Jenny, "She-Force" – Rebekah Staton


Jenny has super-strength and is the third strongest woman in the world, but doesn't feel comfortable being a superhero. She would much rather spend her days at her desk, waiting for Mr Right to come along. Socially awkward, Jenny revels in having a secret identity as an office worker, a charade her friends find pointless. Jenny was a member of the short lived superhero team known as Ladytrouble, alongside Sarah (Electroclash).



Devlin, "Excelsor" – Patrick Baladi


Devlin is the most successful cape in the United Kingdom; he is a "Rock Star" within the superhero world, with a high public profile and numerous commercial endorsement deals. Due to his immense success Devlin's attitude is highly egotistical and selfish, and he takes pleasure in reminding Alex and the other "lesser" superheroes of his superiority at every opportunity, often by bullying Alex. Devlin has a wide array of powers, which include but aren't limited to: flight, laser eye beams, X-ray vision, super speed, force field creation and manipulation, super sensitive hearing, and mind control abilities.

i wonder if NBCwill import this one a perfect counterpointto"heroes"

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Re: Marginally Powered Sit-Com Heroes


Too much swearing' date=' adult situations and sexual innuendo - maybe your HBO could?[/quote']


It might turn up late at night on the import channel BBC America (the channel that shows Torchwood in the United States).They've shown some things, like Little Britain, that are simply too much for PBS and the like.


PBS in Portland does show an older Britcom called My Hero, about the domestic life of a Superman-like hero and his normal wife. In most of the situations he faced, superpowers were absolutely no help (and even got in the way).

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