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Hero System for Horror gaming


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Re: Hero System for Horror gaming


As far as normal equipment goes, seems to me horror gaming is more in the path of dark champions and goes under the "bought it with money" or resource point method...


Having things not work right is more for dramatic effect, but an activation roll might be a good idea for "scavenged" stuff.

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Re: Hero System for Horror gaming


I also like most of the equipment having Activation Roll or No Concious Control, especially things like cars and flashlights.


Darn things never seem to work right.


Equipment bought with money should always have this. Especially if it's messy horror and the PCs haven't got the skills for taking care of their firearms / vehicles / diesel generator. One of the most horrible sounds any PC can hear is the GM saying "Oh dear. It seems as though your equipment has malfunctioned". It's on a par with the click-click sound in 'Half Life' when you run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight :D

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