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Hey Mark,

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Your idea could work. However, don't forget that the hero may have a few tricks up his sleeve. Maybe friends who are superheroes or Watchers. They could take out the bad guys (subdue, not kill) without a Quickening. Also the police are not going to stand idly by. They will try to send a SWAT team if they can.


Another thing you may want to consider is will the public believe the villain? Most people would probably think he's just nuts. Of course, if the hero blindly charges in to the rescue without thinking, that will all change. He will be charged with murder, and other immortals will be mad at him for exposing the game. It's one thing to make an outrageous claim. It's another thing altogether to prove it.


Just my 2 cents. Let me know how it works out. I'm not dismissing your ideas, just giving some possible plot twists. I like the idea. Kalas actually threatened to expose the Game in "Finale," the Season 3 finale. Try to see that episode for ideas on how to pull it off (it's a two-parter, by the way).

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