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Gotta hand it to you

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Herodom, how would you build this?


I'm working on a robot character. If an arm gets detached for some reason but not destroyed, i.e. ripped out of joint, blown out, the arm can still be controlled by the body such as having the arm point somewhere, tap someone on the leg standing right by. However, I don't think I'll have the arm be able to move around. Distance to still be controlled... oh, maybe within a mile.


Build it for me, please. With sugar on top. :)

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Re: Gotta hand it to you


Stretching 1", Megascale, Does Not Cross Intervening Space, Limited Body Part (Arms), OAF Detached Arm (breakable).


You'll probably also need 0 end, Persistant for the Stretching, but I see that as possibly being optional. Or buy a small END reserve with no Recharge solely to power the Stretching; when the END reserve runs out, the arm stops moving.

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Re: Gotta hand it to you


If the arm can't move around or really do much of anything in or out of combat, it may just be SFX and not worth spending points on.


Even if it is worth spending points on, if it only happens when the arm is blown or cut off then this might be one of those powers that you talk to the GM about wanting to buy, but don't spends points on until the appropriate situation actully comes up.


Can the chracter "see" what the arm is doing when he's a mile away? Can he feel what it's touching? If so, Clairisentience and some very minor TK might just do the trick.


However, if it's essentially a fully functional "character", a very limited form of Duplication might also work. THis also gives you the benefit of being able to easily reattach the arm ;) I believe such a writeup is in the Ultimate Metamorph.

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