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(Character) "Dakota Joe" Anders

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Since at least one person wanted more....


"Dakota Joe" Anders


Player: NPC


Val Char Cost

16 STR 6

12 DEX 6

12 CON 4

11 BODY 2

10 INT 0

10 EGO 0

11 PRE 1

10 COM 0


6 PD 3

2 ED 0

2 SPD 0

5 REC 0

24 END 0

25 STUN 0


6" RUN 0

2" SWIM 0

3" LEAP 0

Characteristics Cost: 22



Cost Martial Arts Maneuver

3 C'Mere, you!: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 26 STR / 10 STR for holding on

4 Punch: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, 5d6 / 2d6 Strike

4 Throttle: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +0 DCV, Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND

4 Pushover: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, 31 STR / 15 STR to Shove

5 Roundhouse: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +1 DCV, 7d6 / 4d6 Strike

1 Weapon Element: Clubs

Martial Arts Cost: 21


Cost Skill

3 Animal Handler (Bovines, Equines) 11-

2 AK: Western States 11-

3 Breakfall 11-

16 +2 with All Combat

2 Gambling (Poker) 11-

2 KS: Cattle 11-

2 Navigation (Land) 11-

4 PS: Cowhand 13-

5 Riding 12-

2 Survival (Temperate/Subtropical) 11-

3 Tracking 11-

2 TF: Carts & Carriages, Equines, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles

4 WF: Small Arms, Blades, Thrown Chain & Rope Weapons

Skills Cost: 50



Cost Talent

3 Lightsleep

4 Mounted Warrior (Ranged Combat)

Talents Cost: 7


Total Character Cost: 100


Pts. Disadvantage

0 Normal Characteristic Maxima

15 Hunted: Law Enforcement 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)

20 Psychological Limitation: Bad-Tempered and Violent (Very Common, Strong)

10 Reputation: Bad-tempered Brawler, 11-

5 Social Limitation: Ex-Convict (Occasionally, Minor)

Disadvantage Points: 50

Base Points: 50

Experience Required: 0

Total Experience Available: 0

Experience Unspent: 0



Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 1.86 m

Weight: 91.00 kg


Joseph Anders is a brawny Caucasian male in his late twenties. He is heavily tanned from being outdoors as much as possible, and has heavy eyebrows. He is usually poorly shaved, and has a deep scowl as his default facial expression. Dakota Joe wears non-descript working cowboy clothing.



Joseph Anders doesn't like to talk about his past, though it is known that he served hard time for aggravated assault up in North Dakota, from which he takes his nickname. He seems to have had at least an elementary school education, and has certainly spent a lot of time on cattle ranches. Dakota Joe works at a ranch for a few months or up to a couple of years before his temper gets the best of him and he has to leave town.


He recently got a job at either a player character's ranch or one nearby.



Dakota Joe mostly just wants to be left alone. Most people irritate Joe, so he prefers to spend his time out riding the range, just him and a horse and a few thousand head of cattle. Unfortunately, every so often he gets lonely or has to go into town on business. And he'll drink, or get into a card game, or talk politics--and a fight inevitably starts. Dakota Joe has tried to calm his bad temper, but has had little success so far.



"Them was my good boots, Mister!" Joe has a harsh voice, fairly deep and gravelly. He uses cuss words a lot too.



Dakota Joe is a strapping man who's good with his fists and guns, or the odd chair leg if pressed. He's also pretty good at cowherding, which allows prospective employers to overlook his temper temporarily. Joe doesn't sleep well, and is easily awoken. And Joe can fire a gun from horseback well enough to have won a couple of prizes.


Dakota Joe is a straightforward combatant, preferring to go toe-to-toe and flail away. He's not particularly bound by the Code of the West, but he'd never bushwack an opponent. It'd be beneath him to be sneaky.



"Dakota Joe" Anders is a local color character for pulp stories taking place in the West. He might be an antagonist, or a red herring, or just an annoyance. Joe would only Hunt a player character who went out of their way to humiliate him. He doesn't have the patience for long-term revenge.


If Joe needs to be more powerful, give him another Damage Class for his brawling skill, and perhaps a toughness-related superskill or two.


Plot Seeds:


"Corpse": Joe is seen quarreling with another cowboy in the saloon or ranch house; shortly thereafter, the other fellow is found beaten to death. Joe claims he didn't do it, but there's also one of the buttons from his shirt in the dead man's hand. Is Dakota Joe being framed? Or is he just lying to avoid the rope?


"Bad Love": Joe may be a loner, but out of the blue he finds himself smitten with a pretty filly. Unfortunately, Dakota Joe is even worse at courting women than talking to other men, and she snubs him. Joe swears that he'll win the lady's heart by hook or crook. Depending on circumstances, either Joe or the woman might seek help from the player characters. Dakota Joe may be too ill-tempered to ever be allowed in a relationship, but doesn't even he deserve the chance for love?

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Re: (Character) "Dakota Joe" Anders


Interesting character. It might be interesting to have him fall in love with a spitfire (think Mareen O'hara's character from McClintock, or Molly from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), and let the PC's handle the "they are hopelessly in love, but to stubborn to admit it" situation.



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