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Good animated supers flicks?


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I'm mixed between whether this belongs here or the NGD but I figure if you people don't know which ones are good you've picked an odd genre to play. :D



Its hard to miss the big studio movies (The Hulk, Spiderman etc) but I see alot of supers series DVD's at Walmart and such, I'm wondering which ones are worth getting.


I really liked the Batman Animated Series and have the 1st 2 collections (I think its up to 4 now), also like Justice League.


I have a 6 year old who likes both of the above and would like to get some more variety for him (and it doesn't hurt that I like them too :) ).


I've seen a fantastic 4 series and just saw an Iron Man DVD is coming out next year, just wondering whats out there that is of similar quality to Batman and Justice League.



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Re: Good animated supers flicks?


The Batman- New series, not in standard DCAU continuity. Some DVDs available.


Ultimate Avengers- A cross between classic Avengers and The Ultimates. Lots of action.


The Incredibles- Disney/Pixar. Not comics characters, but great movie. Solid family entertainment.


Need any more? If it doesn't have to be animated, I recommend Sky High from Disney.

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Re: Good animated supers flicks?


Superman: The Animated Series (Parts of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited stem directly from events in the last season of this series.


Batman: The Animated Series (Remember, there are multiple volumes to this, not 'seasons' per se because of the bizarre way modern animated shows do seasons).


Teen Titans: Complete Season 1 and 2


Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. JLU Season 1 of this that just came out and is technically JLU season 1 and 2. The ending episode, Epilogue, is an effective closure to Batman: TAS, JL, and Batman Beyond.


Batman Beyond season 1 and 2.


X-Men Evolution Seasons 1 and 3 are available from Amazon. Season 2 as far as I know continues to still be available only in the four individual disc sets.


The Batman Seasons 1 and 2: this is the new Batman series currently airing.


Ben 10 Season 1 will be available on Feb 6, I think.


Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 are good, but probably not so good for a young child. They have a more adult tone to them.


Static Shock was on DVD, but I'm uncertain if they are still in print. Excellent series, and writer/creator Dwayne McDuffie went on to write a lot of JL stuff. There are two JLA crossovers in his series, and you see him all grown up in two of the JL episodes.

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Re: Good animated supers flicks?


If I may emerge from the shadows just for a second here....I have two animated must sees for you guys.

Any Mike Mignola fans here? Well then, you probably already know about the Hellboy:Sword of Storms animated feature that was on Cartoon Network recently. But did you get a chance to check out THE GIANT SCREW-ON HEAD??

Oh. My. Gawd.

GREATNESS. Must sees for sure , if you can find em anywhere..

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