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What Have You Watched Recently?


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14 hours ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

Is David Tennant as good a Scrooge as Alan Young was? 

I can not tell as I never watched the old or new ones in OV. But at least the german voices are pretty equal.


7 hours ago, tkdguy said:

Lots of art videos on YouTube. I'm getting interested in limited palettes.

That too. Particular Youtubers/Lets Play Series lately.


3 hours ago, Duke Bushido said:

That Grindlewald thing (with the wife). 


I have decided that Newt is in fact a pokemaster (is that the right word?) 

Pokemon Trainer is the proper term I think.

And yes, it feels like a good description.


I watched:
Captain Marvel.

The Plot is Straightforward and avoids 90% of any complication I could imagine.

Ther was a large number of fun Quips and a nice bit of backstory on Nick Fury and Coulson. Also Captain Marvel of course.

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The Order: A Netflix original series about a guy entering college who attempts to join a secret society as part of a larger revenge plot. Feels a lot like the RPG, East Texas University. I found it enjoyable enough to make it through the first season fairly quickly. (Netflix)

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Circle of Danger An American comes to Britain to find out what happened to his brother in WW2. He was the only casualty on a raid and one of the other commandos might have killed him. Ray Milland and Marius Goring star.


Dead Man's Evidence A secret agent is sent to Ireland to investigate a dead body that was washed up on the beach on the basis that it might be a missing agent believed to have gone over to the enemy about a year before.


As Young as You Feel When a printer is sacked after reaching retirement age, he impersonates the head of the corporation that owns the printers and says that older staff have knowledge that they should be allowed to work longer. Marilyn Monroe has a bit part in the film.


Who Goes Next ?  British prisoners of war plot to escape the German prison camp. In World War 1. Jack Hawkins is the only actor people might know.


Morgan, A Suitable Case for Treatment A failed artist tries to get his wife back after they divorce and she decides to marry his best friend. Unusual to see Vanessa Redgrave as a beauty. The film was notable for highlighting mental illness.


Danger by my Side After her policeman brother is murdered, his sister attempts to get close to the people she believes caused his death.

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Watched Hellboy: Sword of the Storms and Blood and Iron. These were the animated films that came out with the Del Toro movies with the same cast. The first has Hellboy deal with two demons, lost love, and spectral revenge. The second is a retelling of the Gireau storyline with some things added in and others taken away


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Part of Love Death + Robots on Netflix.


I say part because it is an anthology with good and bad stories.  A good portion were very well done, some were just plain bad.  But all of them reminded me of other shows I had seen before.


OK but not earth shattering.

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