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What Have You Watched Recently?


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2 hours ago, Spence said:

Watched episode 1 of the new "La Brea".  

Not a bad first episode, looks like just a scifi adventure show telling a story.  

Maybe it will be good?   

My mom is watching it. She is one of the Losties, huge fans of Lost. She says they are trying too hard to pull that fanbase in, with numerous references in the first episode. My impression was that it was a very Lost type show.

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For my fellow anime fans, I'm watching 86.


It's a futuristic pending robot apocalypse series. Not your light anime fare, it follows the battles of a unit of soldiers as they defend civilization from the encroaching machine army. The catch is the public has been lied to and only military "handlers" know that the units are manned.

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11 hours ago, slikmar said:

My mom is watching it. She is one of the Losties, huge fans of Lost. She says they are trying too hard to pull that fanbase in, with numerous references in the first episode. My impression was that it was a very Lost type show.


I didn't really watch Lost so I can't say either way. 

But so far, and one episode is not enough to know much, the show seems to be about telling an adventure story rather than preaching an agenda so I am happy. 

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The Long Night

After a shooting, a man refuses to surrender to the police and you see in flashback what happened and led to the shooting. Henry Fonda and Vincent Price star in this film noir. Unusual and worth a look


A Bucket of Blood

This is a Roger Corman film and looks cheap. It mocks beatniks and is the story of a busboy who finds fame as a sculptor but is actually killing his subjects and then covering them in clay. Worth a look.


Ace of Spades

A country house murder mystery from the 1930s. Two guests of Lord Yardly are also contesting the local election on opposite sides. One is proposing a railway extension for the town which the Lord opposes. When said Lord dies shortly thereafter, the one proposing the railway starts receiving threatening notes on Ace of Spades cards. Just before the Lord died he had written a note on an Ace of Spades card that could not be used as it had a torn corner. More notable for the people in it who went on to appear in other films. Worth a look.


He Walked by Night

Based on a true story this has the police trying to find a burglar who gunned down and killed a cop. The man changes his modus operandi and it seems he is one step ahead of them. He worked with the police so he knows their methods. Richard Basehart is the baddie. Also has Jack Webb as a forensic scientist years before he was in Dragnet.


5 Fingers

Based on the true story of the valet to the British ambassador in Turkey who stole secrets and sold them to the Germans in World War 2. James Mason plays the valet. The Germans come across as incompetent as the information could really have helped them.


The Green Hornet Strikes Again !.

This is a 1941 serial and here the Green Hornet is actually quite efficient. The overarching story is how to break up racketeering in San Francisco. Starting with attempts to kill to Britt Reid before he returns from holiday and to stop the paper from pursuing stories about rackets. The Hornet has to foil a kidnapping, the destruction of a building, lorry hijacks, selling secrets to foreign powers and the gang fleeing. Star Wars fans will be delighted in the screen crawl at the start of each episode. Most episodes are self contained in the main story. 

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Sydney Sheldon's Bloodline

Audrey Hepburn inherits her father's firm after he dies in his accident. Although her cousins want to take the company public she refuses and then attempts are made on her life. Someone is also killing prostitutes and filming them. Although the cast includes Gert Frobe as a detective, Ben Gazzara, Omar Shariff and James mason, it plays a bit flat.


The Curse of Frankenstein

The first of the Hammer horror films has Peter Cushing learning about biology and creating the monster played by Christopher Lee. Cheap but very effective.


The Revenge of Frankenstein

Frankenstein avoids execution by bribing the executioner to kill the priest instead. He then returns to grave robbing and goes to a different town to continue his practice. Peter Cushing returns as the evil Baron who is partially successful in his experiments but hampered by what others are doing.


Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

The last appearance of Peter Cushing as the evil Baron. He is working in an asylum under an assumed name. And building a new creature. Intersting to see Bernard Lee and Patrick Troughton in small roles.


Independence Day Resurgence

The aliens from Independence Day are back. The sequel 20 years after the original has some returning cast and bigger alien ships only this time the aliens have a hive mind and you need to kill their Queen.


Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado

After a suicide bombing the US administration believe that the Mexican drug cartels helped the bombers cross the border and so has a covert team set the cartels against each other. Predicatably this goes wrong after the kidnapped daughter of a cartel boss escapes during a botched ransom exchange. This is a complex and murky film. If you liked the first one, you'll like this sequel.

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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: First one's good. Second one's not quite as good as the first. Third one and fourth one should have been made into a single shorter movie, instead of a 2 film cash grab. (Hulu)


What If...: Season one, interesting interlinked multiverse story. (Disney+)



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Having watched the season finale last night, I'm now going back through What If...? to see what I missed the first time. I just finished the Doctor Strange episode. Heartbreaking.

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Do you know what the coolest thing about What If...? is? It's that all the voice recordings were made before the pandemic, back when Chadwick Bozeman was still alive. So even though he's gone now, we have a bit more of his legacy that will always be with us.


No, it's just something in my eye. Shut up.

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Die Hard 2:  The one at the airport. Not as good as the first, not as bad as some that followed. (Amazon Prime)


Turner and Hooch: It's the Odd Couple if Oscar Madison was a French mastiff. Hooch's owner is murdered, and he has to catch the killers with the help of a human investigator. (Disney+)


Coward of the County: TV movie with Kenny Rogers, based upon his song of the same name. A nostalgia watch. (DVD)

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Hill Street Blues 

  The 1980’s police drama was the first version of what N.Y.P.D. Blue became. With many of the same producers, writers and actors this was a gritty and honest for the time look at a police precinct in an unnamed large U.S. city.

   Memorable characters and a number of “before they became stars” (Star Trek TNG’s Jonathon Frakes as a petty criminal afraid to go into the system because he was “too pretty” and Brent Spiner as a sleazy Porn Director) actors make this a show to watch if you get the chance.

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12 minutes ago, Ternaugh said:

Die Hard 2:  The one at the airport. Not as good as the first, not as bad as some that followed. (Amazon Prime)





1. Die Hard

2. Die Hard 3

3  Die Hard 4

4. Die Hard 2

5. Die Hard 5 (couldn't finish the movie)

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