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Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


Likewise I prefer AV:T to SITS. I recently upgraded to the newer edition. I don't own SITS and do not intend buying based on the reviews-

Yes, the rules are easier to use and you can simulate large fleets which you can't really do at all in AV:T (too much paperwork).

The big downside to me is-

Not a lot of game variation. From the descriptions of actual gameplay it does seem to always degenerate into large fleets in tight formation doing broadsides.

That, to me, seems to be not a good thing for longterm interest.


Plus - I bought AV:T for the physics, I have other games for fleet combat and ease of rule use. I can't justify buying SITS as I already have AV:T and I don't think the rules differences are significant enough for the price.


Wow. I've played the game several times. What fleets? I guess you could call 4-10 ships a large fleet. You can lump several hulls in one formation and have them all move as one multiplying the number of ships on the board, one shipbox = several instead of one shipbox = one ship. But once ships start taking damage and falling out of formation it becomes a real mess. It s true that the mechanics are simpler than AV:T because there is no fuel accounting. But the game is still more than just flailing away with broadsides. Their maneuvering is much more nimble than AoS. Of course if the scenario has not objectives then like any AoS or WW1 naval game it does become boring. But a running fight between a raiding force of DD's and CL's versus a convoys escorts can be very challenging.


I'm not saying "run out an buy a copy", but try it out at a con or try and find someone nearby who has a copy. You might be surprised.

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


and now for my other favorite character, Master Chief Horace Harkness


Master Chief Horace Harkness

Val Char Cost Roll Notes

20 STR 10 13- Lift 400.0kg; 4d6 [2]

15 DEX 15 12- OCV: 5/DCV: 5

15 CON 10 12-

15 BODY 10 12-

13 INT 3 12- PER Roll 12-

13 EGO 6 12- ECV: 4

20 PRE 10 13- PRE Attack: 4d6

10 COM 0 11-


5 PD 1 Total: 5 PD (0 rPD)

3 ED 0 Total: 3 ED (0 rED)

3 SPD 5 Phases: 4, 8, 12

7 REC 0

30 END 0

33 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 70


Movement: Running: 6"/12"

Leaping: 4"/8"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

1 Prolong Treatments: Life Support (Longevity: 200 Years)

4 Martial Strike +0 +2 6d6 Strike

5 Offensive Strike -2 +1 8d6 Strike

3 Martial Throw +0 +1 4d6 +v/5, Target Falls

4 Martial Block +2 +2 Block, Abort

4 Martial Disarm -1 +1 Disarm; 30 STR to Disarm



2 Fringe Benefit: Sergeant

Notes: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer after Echoes of Honor

2 Fringe Benefit: Knight

Notes: He was Knighted after Echoes of Honor

3 Fringe Benefit: Security Clearance

3 Holder of the Parliamentary Medal of Valor: Custom Perk

Notes: Awarded after Echoes of Honor

25 Assorted Contacts: Custom Perk



2 Zero G: Environmental Movement (no penalties on)

7 Master Electronics Tech: Skill Master (+3 with all Skills based on [characteristic]) (15 Active Points); Custom Modifier (only for skills involving working with electronics; -1)



5 +1 with HTH Combat

3 Breakfall 12-

3 Bureaucratics 13-

6 Computer Programming (Hacking and Computer Security) 14-

9 Concealment 14-

3 Cryptography 12-

3 Electronics 12-

6 Gambling (Card Games) 14-

5 Instructor 13-

3 Jack of All Trades

5 1) PS: Customs Inspector (6 Active Points) 14-

2 2) PS: Missile Technician (3 Active Points) 12-

3 3) PS: Skin Suit (4 Active Points) 13-

9 Mechanics 14-

3 Persuasion 13-

3 Scholar

2 1) KS: Electronic Warfare Systems (3 Active Points) 12-

2 2) KS: Electronics Fabrication (3 Active Points) 12-

5 3) KS: Emergency Damage Control (6 Active Points) 14-

2 4) KS: Gravitic Communications Systems (3 Active Points) 12-

3 5) KS: Manticoran Customs Regulations (4 Active Points) 13-

5 6) KS: RMN Customs and Procedures (6 Active Points) 14-

5 7) KS: Scrounging (6 Active Points) 14-

2 8) KS: Small Craft Service and Maintenance (3 Active Points) 12-

5 9) KS: Smuggling (6 Active Points) 14-

3 Streetwise 13-

3 Systems Operation 12-

2 TF: Grav Vehicles/Hovercraft, Personal Use Spacecraft

3 WF: Blades, Common Melee Weapons, Gauss Guns

8 Weaponsmith (Missiles & Rockets) 15-


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 186

Total Cost: 256


200+ Disadvantages

0 Normal Characteristic Maxima

15 Psychological Limitation: Cant Resist picking fights with off duty marines (Common, Strong)

Notes: hes always looking for equal or tougher opponents

10 Reputation: Smooth Operator, and someone not to be messed with, 11- (Extreme; Known Only To A Small Group)

15 Social Limitation: Duty to Crewmates (Frequently, Major)

15 Psychological Limitation: Hates Bullies (Common, Strong)

1 Experience Points


Total Disadvantage Points: 55


Background/History: rough and tumble chief petty officer with an often checkered career, he was up for senior chief 12 times, and made it once, being busted for various infractions other 11 times, hes a top notch missile tech which is probably the only reason they navy kept him. he also has a reputation as a smooth operator for various scams and operations running.


Personality/Motivation: Highly motivated, he loves his job, and has a special spot in his heart for Scotty Tremaine, he has managed to keep getting the same assignments as Scotty, although a lot of this is due to his having hacked the Bureau of Personnel records and changing his assignments. He managed to convince the peeps that he was a defector in Honor among Enemies, allowing him to run rampant and later engineer their escape from the Battlecruiser Tepes. He likes barroom brawling off duty, especially with marines, this habit has not endeared him to his superiors, he toned this down after he married a marine sgt major. while he has been knighted he generally doesnt like being called Sir.





Powers/Tactics: Very good in a fight, with excellent tech skills, hes also the kind of guy who can probably find a way to get about anything a person might want within reason, drugs not being within reason. he also hates bullies, and has no problem with dealing a little unofficial justice, he also has proved very good at catching smugglers during the events of On Basilisk Station.


Campaign Use: Hes your typical grizzled old chief, the wrong person to cross, but if you really need help... and if he tells you to do something... you'd had generally best shut your mouth and listen, he could easily mentor a younger crew PC, or give somebody an attitude adjustment.


Appearance: Large buly senior chief, not a lot of description was ever given in the books

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


I don't think Horace is stronger than Honor. I could be wrong, but I had thought about making her an 18 str and Probably Horace a 15 or 16. He is burly, but she is a Genie.


Then there is TOmas Rodriquez. :D


23-25 strength? or just stop at 20. :eg:

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


Tomas Rodriquez is definitely stronger than 20. Maybe 30.

Anton Zilwicki is at least a 25, he was discribed as "being a shoo-in for a medal in the olympics in weight lifting."

Honor is a genie, but she is not that strong, 18 is probably max for her, maybe even a little less. Her metabolism is very fast (therefore very high dex, and probably lightning reflexs) but although she is much stronger than she looks, she is not super-human strong.

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


Its a nice write up - I like it. Others have commented on her HTH, SPD, and empathic fripperies.


I can one make the following observation: she needs "Deep Cover: Mary Sue Harrington." :D


I must respectfully disagree given her own concerns and regrets about her violent temper and propensity toward mayhem in carrying out that results of said temper, as the character is written.

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Re: Character: Admiral Dame Honor Harrington


Argh! Spoilers everywhere! I'm only on the second book.



Recommendation......read faster.......





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