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Ranger Trainees


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So, I'd been thinking for a while of running a Naruto campaign, but wasn't sure I wanted to run another asian-themed game. (Which are pretty much my standard.) I also had ideas of running a traditional Western-style Fantasy game, but hadn't quite set on the campaign focus.


Then tonight while reading that webcomic about D&D and Lord of the Rings it hit me...Why not combine them? Rangers are effectively the Fantasy equivalent of Ninjas, with the exception that their job description is even broader, and they're not focussed on assassination. (An aspect of Naruto that always left me cold..."I want to be the best and happiest psycho killer I can be!" :confused: ) Rangers are guardians, and you can do a lot more with that on so many levels.


So, with that in mind. I started to ponder this campaign:


Ranger Trainees


The PCs are a bunch of young (13 or so) ranger cadets in a western-style fantasy setting who are being trained to act as rangers/escorts/scouts/healers/monster hunters/etc which is what Rangers in this setting do. As Ranger Trainees (sprouts? Green leaves?) they are assigned to a team and sent on various increasingly difficult missions as well as engaging in competitions with other Ranger villages in their various skills as a way to trade skills and exchange techniques. All while dealing with their own various personal plotlines and issues. ("That Orc chief killed my family...When I grow up..."etc)


Since they're anime-ish Rangers they need great leaping and running abilities as well as some kind of martial arts. (What kind of martial arts would Rangers use? Have to think about this one...)


Rangers of course do have access to various magics and are trained in the standard ranger spells, plus different kinds which each ranger specializes in. They are powered by their ability to draw mana from the air around them (small END Reserve with slow recovering REC), and their connections with the spirits of the forest. It makes sense to mix in "druidic" type magic as a way to add more variety, as well as making them more powerful.


Standard Ranger "Spells"




Accuracy (with bow or thrown weapons)

Talking to spirits


Find water



See the Invisible/Hidden

Spirit Warding (?)


Magic Arrow types (fire, entangling, flare, etc)



Hmmm...I'll need to make a package at some point to reflect the "standard" trainee and go from there.


Any thoughts?


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Re: Ranger Trainees


As far as fighting skills western traditons are generally armed traditions for many resons. That being said a ranger would most likely be well versed in some or all of these weapons:


Axes, both hand and battle

Sword, Falchion or other gravity style blade (excellent for hacking away underbrush)

Quarter staff




If they specialize in animal training a net, lasso or whip might also be appropriate

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