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The Hero Forum's Fattest Man in Comics!

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Re: The Hero Forum's Fattest Man in Comics!


Well, let's look at our list of candidates.


The Kingpin


The Blob




Egg-Fu (Sigh, one day, Egg-Fu will be eradicated permanently. Really.)




The Brood Queen


Midas, the Golden Man


Sadly, my vote goes to Midas, the Golden Man. Not because he's necessarily fatter than any of the others, but because unlike the others, when he was removed from his flying chair, he couldn't move anymore. He was just that large. So there you have it.


Midas the Golden Man wins.

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Re: The Hero Forum's Fattest Man in Comics!


Some other fat heroes/villains:


The One Ton Man (and his sock puppet, Handy) from the Tick cartoon

The Fat Ninja (from an independent comic I used to get; wish I could remember who did it)


Fat Ninja was from the old Silverwolf Comics line, later known as Greater Mercury Comics. Only thing of true reknown to come outa there was Tim Vigil & Ron Lim. They were a fun kinda bad though. IIRC, within the Silverwolf universe itself, Fat Ninja was drawn by the vigilante Grips and I believe written by Vengeance, another bloodthirsty vigilante in that world.



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Re: The Hero Forum's Fattest Man in Comics!


I read "The Hero Forum's Fattest Man" and thought "Finally, I'll get some recognition! All my years of hard work are going to pay off." But no. You tease. :tonguewav


To answer the posed question, The Slug, who suffocates people between the folds of his fat, gets my vote amongst 'normal' humans. I feel I would be remiss, however, if I did not at least mention Volstagg the Voluminous and Chunk.

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