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The revolving colt shotgun was fearsome but had some serious flaws.  For one thing there was no spark guard so the discharge would tend to cook your hand holding the barrel up.  It was so complicated to reload that "out of combat" is an understatement.  They show up once in a while in Louis L'Amour's books as a crowd stopper

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As much as I like the Desert Tech MDR, as Military Bullpups go., ones that have passed military trials are few, such as the French FAMAS that left official French service in 2016, The  Steyr AUG and it's Australian variant, and the Israeli Tavor. One that fared well in French trials, but was ultimately rejected in favor of the SiG 416 (a variant of the AR platform with Swiss precision), was the Croatian  VHS Bullpup. This rifle is modular, Ambidextrous, and can be switched easily between right, and left handed use without tools, and a few minutes of adjusting.


Apparently the Croats are using them as their adopted rifle, but they are offering it as military solution (including a modular 40mm Grenade launcher). Bullpups, due to their  short length are idea for confined interior spaces, vehicle crews, or ship/ space ship interiors.  Note that with a bolt , barrel, and magazine well change, which is possible with this weapon, that callibers can be changed to probably any of the currently available intermediate cartridges. 

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