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Cool Guns for your Games

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Re: But wait! There's more!!



The ultimate survival gun. It's made of bacon, so if you can't find any game, you can eat it.




From the same site as above -- a cane pistol for your Victorian adventurer-gentleman.



Again from the same site. I remember watching the ads for these when I was a little kid.



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Re: But wait! There's more!!


The following are airsoft guns' date=' but I have no idea what they're modeled from.[/left']




I think that's supposed to be an M4 under all that bodywork.



I think this one's customized


The top one is the M-41a pulse rifle from Aliens.

The other two bear a strong resemblance to guns seen in Ghost in the Shell.

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Re: Cool Guns for your Games


This is not a gun, but my family gave me one of these for Christmas. Exactly like that one, except it's Lot NY-4620-29 instead of -23.


Cool enough, though the numbers in the dosimeter are appallingly large. I mean, even 50 roentgens of dose is ... uh ... not good.


It's oddly heavy, heavier than it seems like it has to be for a steel case with some glass vials in it. Almost half a pound (215 grams). It's about the size of a typical bridge deck of cards (not the wider poker deck), but a little thinner.

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Re: Cool Guns for your Games


I've heard about test of the "Seasickness" gun but they ran into a single problem. The main use was as a non-lethal weapon but the reason it got junked is because they can't prevent it from giving people seizures. So it doesn't really work as a non-lethal weapon. Well, back to the drawing board.

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Re: Cool Guns for your Games



Click on the image to see the rest of this behemoth.


The picture below is spoilered as it is possibly NSFW (Almost Naked Woman with a Gun).








If you look carefully at the above picture you will eventually see a gun.









For your Victorian Gentleman Adventurer.



I love these crazy things.



Leonardo Da Vinci had some interesting ideas.




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Re: Cool Guns for your Games


sweetness! I have been trying to find a copy of "FUll CIrcle: a treatise on Roller Locking" by R. Blake Stevens for several years. I didn't have the money to buy a copy (When they call it "COllector Grade Publications" they MEAN IT) so I have periodicaly tried to find it via iNter Library loan. A week or two ago, I tried again. According to WORLDCAT, only ONE library has it in their collection. :( Fortunately, the US Naval Academy was willing to share!!!


FINALLY I hope to find details on the "CETME" line of ultra low drag, light for caliber bullets and cartridges developed by Dr. Voss. Now if I could find more data on the similar FABRL bullets...


This is borrowed from Anthony WIlliams superb site and articles http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/Assault.htm



Unsuccessful postwar experiments: 7x36 Otterup, 7.5x38 Swiss,7.5x45 Czech, 7.5x43 French CRBA, 7.92x40 CETME, .280/30 EM-2, 7mm Compromise, 7.62x47 T65 (predecessor of the 7.62x51 NATO), 7.62x51 with CETME bullet.

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