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9mm vs. ballistic gelatin:      

Most people.      Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, environmentally conscious autoduelling:    

Not really a gun, but ammo for one   New Drone-40 grenade/drone. Launches out of a 40mm grenade launcher, but has a drone function that they claim can loiter up to 20 minutes, has different

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I don't get that at all.  How is that more convenient or useful than just wearing a holster?  Adding all that weight to the front of your gun for what reason, exactly?


Saves you having to waste time with all that drawing and aiming silliness.

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Assuming you filled it with alternating calibers (one .460 S&W Magnum, one .45 Long Colt, one .454 Casull, one .460 S&W Magnum, and one .45 Long Colt), would the firearm likely suffer a malfunction as it cycled through the various rounds?

The revolver wouldn't, but the operator might.

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Have monster hunters upgraded to platinum these days? Talk about inflation, it used to be silver.


Now, platinum has a higher melting point than silver (3,215°F vs 1,763°F), and silver's already a royal pain to mold into bullets due to this. Especially if you're a DIY type. What I'd do is load shotgun shells with the metal, and carry them in a side saddle on a pump shotgun. No need to try to mold the metal, just let fly blunderbuss style at close range with the non-aerodynamic projectiles.

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Platinum would probably be really hard on rifling, and unless you want a catalytic converter, I don't see a point... silver is expensive enough...

Now you see...that's why Monster hunting should be left to the pros :whistle:  platinium bypasses turtle chi,and a sabot protects the barrel... :winkgrin: Blessed by a priest takes down those hopping Vamps real nice...

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Platinum also has a higher density even than depleted uranium, twice that of lead, so the slug mass will be quite high.


EDIT: Well, if it's a solid slug the same volume as another. Put a sabot on it and obviously that need not be true.

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