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Grenade questions


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I just bought Dark Champions and I have a question about grenades. On p. 251, what's with the multiple entries for generic "Fragmentation" and "Concussion" grenades? I want to know what the common M26A1 does. Also, in the notes for tear gas on p. 255 (#22), why is tear gas treated as a Flash attack to the Sight sense group? Shouldn't it do a lot more that just hinder your vision?

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Re: Grenade questions


For the M26A1 I'd go ahead and use the most powerful version of the frag grenade listed. The lesser versions are more suited to cinematic settings where you may not want to destroy everything. The real deal is awfully nasty.


Tear gas causes pain (STUN?), nausea and disorientation (DEX drain?) and it really screws with your eyes (sight flash). In addition the effects linger for some time after exposure. If you want to re-write a tear gas grenade to cover all those effects you can but it'll be real costly. Some, very hearty individuals, are less affected than others so you may want to include a chance for reduced effects based on character's with a high CON score.


I think the reason that there is no exhaustively written-up version of tear gas is because there is too much debate about what the true game effects should be. No matter how its written-up there will be those who disagree. Rather than open that can of worms the writers just decided to go with a simple sight flash and leave it up the the various GMs if they want to experiment with some thing better.


I think I have a write-up for tear gas from my own Dark Champions campaign. I'll look around a bit and see if I can find it and post it. Like all write-ups I am sure it will not please everyone.

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Re: Grenade questions


Here is the stuff I wrote up long ago for real world gas grenades. Unfortunately I only have the equipment list version. I have no idea what happened to the old write-up so I don't remember how I arrived at the costs. (This was done back in 4th Edition days).

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