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Fighting Game Hero

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OK' date=' help me. I don't play video games, and I suspect there may be a spelling issue. What is Tencalaber, with the correct spelling?[/quote']




The Ten part of it comes from the Tenken series by Namco. The calaber part comes from the Soul Edge/Soul Calaber series of weaponed fighters by...Namco.


There is a charater which is in both series: Yotsmitsu (sp?). Also Hiachi (again sp?) was an exclusive charater in the home version of...was it Soul Calaber 3?

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Sons of the Dragon Convention Game
Sons of the Dragon is a classic martial arts story about students avenging the mysterious murder of their master.  The game started with it being the New Year and multiple students from the school were celebrating. Their festivities were cut short when a messenger wearing all white showed up with a message that their teacher had died sometime late during the night. Xai Long, the character I was playing, refused to believe that the master has just died from natural cause as did several of the other students. With some top notch detective work we figure out he was poisoned in a very unique manner. We also picked up several clues that led us to go to the graveyard in the Dread Gazebo where the assassination may have taken place. The messenger and the Kid with the Golden Arm went head of everyone else to check it out while we were still gathering proof that the master death's was indeed a murder. Once we arrived we saw the messenger dead and tied to a column with no sign of the Kid. We then saw several figures closing in on our position that looked to be dead or ghostly. As this was happening the Gazebo started to emit a loud deafening noise that disoriented our heroes. A battle ensued but in the end out heroes was able to beat back the attackers and noticed one of them to be the Kid with the Golden Arm. Is he a traitor, was he somehow responsible for our master death? Why would he do this to his own master? Well in order to find that out you must show up for the continuation at U-Con.
I rate this convention game with 3.5 stars out of 4 so if you’re looking to have a great time and get some classic Kung Fu cinema nostalgia then this game is for you.
-- Olle, with permission  
Sons of The Dragon U-Con link.

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Do you crave danger excitement?  Violence?  Adventure?  Does treachery mystery interest you?  Would you like to meet questionable intriguing people?  Does hunting down seeking the dog who killed your master to help others strike you as a fulfilling endeavor?  Then join The Sons of the Dragon.  Being a Son of the Dragon means working with people you can't trust care about and a mission that endangers challenges you.   http://www.ucon-gaming.org/ 

Event (#3393) https://www.ucon-gam...s of the dragon
Title: Feng Shui Champions: Sons of the Dragon
System: Hero System 5th edition revised


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