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Help me name this hero!


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So I suck at naming superheroes. My first champions character, back in '91, was named "Flaming Justice," and he wasn't even gay. Seriously - I suck at it. Concepts I'm pretty good at, if a little derivative. I'll give you all the concept, please give me a decent name.


The Joker is based on a character named Gwynplaine from a Victor Hugo story called "The Man Who Laughs." So is my new hero. He is what I like to call Mentalist Light in the powers department. He has an Ego attack, but it has no range. His ranged mental attacks include a BOECV entangle (helpless maniacal laughter, which probably isn't so funny after the first few minutes), a Suppress PRE, a Suppress INT, and a Mental Transform I'm still playing with.


Outside the powers department, he used to be a police detective before the accident that gave him the powers (damned the city and it's dozens of unguarded chemical factories!), so he has your basic detective package and two .45's he could neuter flies on the wing with.


The campaign is reality light - Earth minus Detroit plus tights, set in Colorado.


What's he look like? About like this, in hero ID :eg: Like the "Have a Nice Day" face gone bad dressed like something a bit noirish, somewhere on the continuum between The Shadow and Batman, and hopefully without even a passing reference to Wal-Mart.


That enough help? He's a scary clown of justice. I'd call him The Comedian, but his sense of humor stinks and the name's sort of been done to death.

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Re: Help me name this hero!


Sargent Smile


Slaughter (Pronounced like laughter)


Detective Smile


(Officer, Senior, Sir, etc) Sardonicus (From Risus sardonicus is a highly characteristic, abnormal, sustained spasm of the facial muscles that is most often observed as a symptom of tetanus. The name of the condition derives from the appearance of raised eyebrows and an evil, open grin that it gives to its victim.)


And the easiest of them all just to draw on the source material:


The Abandoned Boy


The Laughing Man

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Re: Help me name this hero!


Laughing Man is from a different short story by J.D. Salinger, it could still be a good fit, but it would be MUCH darker.


Justice Clown is actually not too bad.


Mr. Hilarious


The Chortle


Subverso! (I really like Subverso, it comes from Subvert or Subversive, meaning to present an image while secretly undermining it, because let's face it. He LOOKS clowny. But he's NOT)


Jack-A-Napes. This one would be even funnier if the character's name was Jacqueline Napier and it was a girl. You would get your cheesy original Batman movie tribute. (And it was NOT a bad movie) You would get to be clowny, and EVERYONE loves a hot girl in a clown suit. Harley Quinn is probably the most popular new DC comics character of the past 20 years.

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Re: Help me name this hero!


Da Fool


Sangunity (taking off from the Hippocratic humors)

Spastic Gelastic (if he's as bouncy as Joker/Batman and educated like Raz)

The Gag Man (slightly different motif, take off on the Bag Man of Mob conventions)



Something like an introduction...

That droll detective,that gelastic gag man, that farcical fool, the one, the only..jovial jester of doom....





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Re: Help me name this hero!


Hmmm... His no range Ego Attack would go well as the follow up to a punch. He could CON stun a good sized brick with it' date=' actually, which would make a great punchline.... Punchline it is.[/quote']


I hope that power is named "Hit 'em in the Funny Bone". :cool:

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