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Just barely made 8k. A lot of death tribble's candidates got cut for lack of originality. I usually credit just about any claim of prior art or whatever, but dt outright admitted in several instances that he was drawing from previously published works that aren't part of the 5e continuity.


Still no Grok tTMw/aZG. I've got him fetching coffee and pressing my pants. Back to work, you simpering simian!


Edit: List deleted. Fresh roundup posted.

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Invidious Cheek, Dynamo !


Just for that here's some I found from an old folder and digging around over the weekend.

And with over 600 names submitted we still made 8,000 which is still somethingh worth celebrating.



Big Brain

Cat O'Nine Flails

Conflagration or Conflagrator




Eyespy or Eye Spy

Fat Cat

Fire Starter


Gadget Girl

Grim Harbinger




Howling Skull


Iron Juggernaut




Lady Razor

Leo 9

Living Juggernaut

Machine Freak

Master Race

Mister Dark

Mister Do Good

Mister Giddy

Negative Woman


Night Demon


Organic Man

Poison Frog

Pretty Boy Death




Queen of Dreams


Scarlet Headsman

Screaming Skull


Skeleton Man






Solar Scarab


Steel Thunder

Yellow Skull


EDIT: To add two new names from the Superhero art thread


And to add a question for Dynamo. You wanted the Harbinger of Justice in the Supernames. But what about the Card Shark ?

Forget the goons, but what about the archfoe of the Harbinger ? You don't have to have him but I thought that I would raise the question.

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Originally posted by death tribble

Invidious Cheek, Dynamo !




And to add a question for Dynamo. You wanted the Harbinger of Justice in the Supernames. But what about the Card Shark? Forget the goons, but what about the archfoe of the Harbinger ? You don't have to have him but I thought that I would raise the question.

I'd prefer to wait to include previously published characters until their existence in the 5e continuity has been established. I've already included Harby because Steve doubtless understands that if Hudson City is published w/o the Blue Moon Killer, then he's in mortal danger.


Oh, Grok sends a desperate plea for help says hi.

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Couple of things


6822 - That should have been Styx not Styz. My fault. If you want to keep it as Styz, then do so.


And Wrath is down twice at 7896 and 7897. You could make the 7897 one Wrathchild or Wrath Child. I recall a metal group of the same name.


Still have 8,000 plus with the fuzzies. And not counting the ones I added last post.


And my apologies. I put down Robin thinking little bird and blanked completely on Batman and Robin.

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Oh, if Dichord is jumping on the boat, I just gotta....


GET SOME!!!!!!!



Steel Justice (after the movie)



Dingo Kid (I'm not Kidding)



I.Q. (yes, a mentalist)

Mr. Marvel






I/O (for input/output)


Jackrabbit (Avatar as a kid, don't ask)

Phenomenon (a friends speeder)

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Some names that I've used, thought were cool sounding, or run across in games:



Jacomo (one of my PC's back at Cal Tech)

Legionaire (French hero with the power of a Legion)

Meson (part of a team with)

Boson (also was half a PC I had with Duplication)

Boston Strangler (was a real world villan....)

Penultimata (the not quite ultimate combatant)

Rumbler (jackie chanish combatant)

Cogmo (you have to say it like Steve C. did, "Caaaaaaaaaaaaahhgggggmmmmmmooooooo", the bovophobic taxi driver/gadgeteer. Sadly one of my earlier PC's, goofy in concept, but kinda cool name. or maybe not)

Pied Piper (mentalist, duh)

Phidippides (speedster, duh)

Sacrosanct (mystic)


I supposed you will can the punnish Endless Sumerian (immortal guy from ancient Sumeria)


Some other player's characters that had good names not on the list:

Crimebuster (Sam Bell's PC)

Battledroid (Steve Barnes' PC)



I actually had a villan named Torc - would put collars on heros and make then mindless drones to serve her. But you tossed it early in the thread.

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you know, I completely forgot about him, created hard air and wore a really stupid suit. Stayed for a short while, wasn't seen again until Thunderbolts, when he was interviewed in his civilian ID and the hard air he left with the Roxxon corp was used to make hard air bullets.



I read way too much.


My Windshear was our speedster, made the char before the comic did if memory serves, but can't be sure.

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ohmygod, Starspawn........


How the Evil that is Marvel Rp gets in your clothes and never comes out. Chris, our GM...cough*power mad fool*cough....

used this Craphead to screw with us at every turn, even winning against him was a loss after finding out what was really going on. Oh, I need to see my ols friend and hit him again for this memory.


Oh Evil stink, it makes me head hurt.



Oh, and for a name: Broken Bones

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Here is the first part of a list from the NGD forums where they were asking about names. Appears we have not got some of these:-



Adeptus Mechanicus

Anchor Man



Audra Blue


Captain Christian

Captain Crusader

Captain Dread


Crimson Ace

Crimson Fist


Doctor Vun Wunder

Dog Girl

Dragonstar Red

Emerald Speedster

Fade Away



Friction Lass

God Girl

Grand Teuton

Green Ghost

Grey Lady

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Here is the second part


Human Pinball









Mad Merc

Masked Archer


Mile High Man

Mister Mayhem




Ned Ludd VII

Phantom Lobster

Professor Plasma


Resilient Rubber Man

Scarlet Skater

Schatten (German shadows)


Silver Bow

Silver Bullet


Spirit Ninja



Please note that Ilsa is the name of a recurring villain in B movies over here in Germany and Italy to do with the SS and Werewolves.

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Ah, good. The thread didn't die while I was out.


I've got a certification test coming up next week, so I'm cramming full time right now. Once that's done, look for another round-up, likely on 2/15 (2/13 mother's bday, 2/14 Valentine's, 2/16 13th anniversary; yup, that's the day).

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Here are my names:


Lobe - Big dumb Brick (Irony at its best. He wouldn't even know wht the word lobe means. Basically it is poking fun at the fact that he acts like he is missing one)


Audio - Speed and Sound manipulation (My second ever character. He had sonar, sound generation, super speed, hyper intelligence, invention, sound control. Think the flash mixed with Reed Richards)


Whisper - Same as Audio (This was Audio's alias when he went out as a vigilante. He would deaden the sound in any area he went into and sneak up on his victims, all bad guys of course, and finish them. He was very into intimidation)


Vector - Speed and Gamma Strength (This is audio after he created 5 synthazoids and used all his powers but speed and hyper intelligence to imbue them with powers of their own. He then was caught in a Gamma Radiation explosion while saving Bruce Banner from a failed experiment to fix She-Hulk. The explosion gave him a minor form of the Hulk's strength increase but increased his speed to the point where he could time travel)


Magnesia - Chemical creation/control, Magnetic Control, and Gravity manipulation. (My very first character ever. The 'Magne' is for magnetic and the Magnesia is after Milk of Magnesia, a chemical mixture. He would create explosive mixtures on the spot and encase them in mercury, then using his magnetic control, hurl the chemical grenade at an area at the same time using gravity increase to root his targets. Chemical grenades!)


Of the synthezoids I created the following name may not have been submitted:


Enormity - A female with density increase and gravity control. she could use both on others. She also had emotion control and would cause her foes's current emotions to grow enourmously (hence another meaning of enormity).


Hope you all like :D

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Guest symbiot

Smybiot- Body controler, and body manipulation


Psion - Psionic superhero


The Bard - Helps team mates and gain power by singing


Petra- Madusa type Character


Schorch - fire control


Sqee - The Goblin King


Sauris - lizared powers


Transit - see though brick


Daydreamer - mentilist that makes you think you are dreaming


Bloodline - Vampire Doc Oct


Techno - Mutain who can make any gadget he wants


Forseer - Can See admidit danger befor it happens



Aurura - light based super hero, power of the northern lights


Dimoned - Dimoned control brick


Sahara - Woman who controls plants

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