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Super Names

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Re: Super Names


From Champions of the North




Baron Nihil


Chain Gang

Dust Devil



The Lodge




Prism Girl


Roi D'Hiver (French: King of Winter)



Just plain new





Banshee Bride

Big Daddy Cool

The Big Red One

Black Bomber

Blood Spectre

Blood Wolf


Blue Meanie

Built To Last

Canadian Cougar

Candy Striper

Crazy Ace


Crimson Cat

Crimson Comet

Crimson Corsair

Crimson Spider


Cyber Pink

Cyber Punk

Danger Girl

Dark Kerse

Dark Samurai

Dead Man Walking

Deadly Sin

Diamond Kitty


Doctor Pain

Eisenherren (German: Ironheart)

Elle Dorado

Extreme Prejudice

Fan Girl

Fangs of the Snake

Feline Fury


Fire Locust

Fire Raiser

Flame Brother

Full Metal Jackie



Hellfire Sprite

Hex Girl

Ice Ice Baby

Imperial Hornet

Kaiser Carnage

Lady Dread


Mega Monolith

Merry Andrea (Female version of Merry Andrew)

Militia Man

Miss Chaos

Navaronne (as in Guns of)



Power Sarge

Power Surge






Red Raider


Robot Commando

Robot Warrior

Scarlet Arrow


Serengeti Lord

Silk Worm


Sir Cuit (The robot knight. Yes am sorry about this).

Sister Stiletto

Sky Rider







Teen Sensation

Thunder Maiden






White Lotus

Yellow Axe

Yellow Wolf

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Re: Super Names


Death Tribble: "Canadian Cougar"?!?!


I immediately pictured an over-50 supervillainess, growling and purring as she tries to capture handsome young superhero studs! :whip:


Hrmmm... I may have to use that........ :eg:


How about The Evil Empryss?


She comes with a whole family of fellow villains:

The Evil Overlord

The Beautiful-but-Wicked Daughter

The Beautiful-but-Innocent Daughter (twins!)

The Handsome-but-Evil Son

The Diabolical High Priest

The Backstabbing Evil Ally (drat the Hero for turning them to Good!)

And, of course, numerous Evil Minions


These were unabashedly ripped off from the "If I Am Ever the Evil Overlord" series, of which I am very fond.

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Re: Super Names


My newest members of The Crusaders.

Hardrive: A grad student with Cyberware and a gadgeteer VPP who is also an extreme sports enthusiast.

Prismahawk: A powerful Russian energy blaster whose brain has been "re-worked" to hide her past.

Genko: A Korean brick and energy blaster who may be one of the Communist North's new super soldiers.

Icestorm: A Quebec teenaged girl with AOE ice powers who is "interning" at Crusader Citadel for her Junior year at the Northlands Academy, a school for parahumans.

Beast Warrior: A Zimbabwean UNTIL agent who can take on the aspects of the great beasts of Africa to exact revenge on the man who destroyed his unit.

New Members of Force Aquarius, one of two groups I use at Origins.

Angelshark: An aquatic deb and former member of the Sharkmen. She runs faster on the ocean floor than she swims and is pain in the neck to her old rich family.

Lamprey: Also a former member of the Sharkmen under the name of Thresher but has been given a second chance after his boss, the infamous Aquaficer, tried to remote destruct his suit with him in it. Now he wears an armed dive suit that looks like built from bailing wire and sheet metal. He's also the one they have to watch the most as the team simply dosen't trust him.





The Force of Nine, My GenCon team from the 31st century.

Millennium Girl: A teenaged girl from the 21st century with Ice powers and a target on her back.

Pathfinder: A stubborn Earth girl who has been genetically altered to become a human space tracker and scout.

Sentry: The team's supergenius, egoist, and prankster.

Stomper: A twelve foot bear-like alien with superstrength and Sentry's best buddy. The two are called "Master Blaster" by Millennium Girl.

Silverlord: An alien rogue of unknown origin who can transmute anything to various metals.

Lydia Prime: An android built to look like a human teenaged girl. She was programmed originally to kill the Force and take Millennium Girl alive but she overrode her programming and became a staunch ally.

Verkanner: The youngest member of the Force at 15 and the team's speedster and planetary scout who can survive in any environment. "De Verkanner" means "scout" in Dutch which his native land.

Green Gladiator: An alien warrior and combat expert who is Millennium Girl's bodyguard. His superstrength is as strong as his sense of honour.

Countess: A recent recruit from the planet Krystalaan, an ice world just gaining Allied Worlds League membership. She is symbiotically attached to her planets "lifeforce" which grants her various powers.



Dreamwalker was a former member who fell into a bad crowd and was the Force's enemy. But found out what her group was really going to do and helped the Force defeat them. She stayed behind in another universe to help rebuild a world. She did her damage from the "Dream Zone".

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Re: Super Names


How did I miss this before now?


Here are some of the superhero names my wife and I have used in the past (without checking the names already listed), with a couple brought in from friends:


Bob, didn't you once have the Vigil Aunties, a group of superpowered little old ladies, with names like Auntie Matter, Auntie Aircraft, and the like?


In the vein of silliness, I once had a character called Kangaroo. Purple powered armor suit shaped like a kangaroo.

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Re: Super Names


Bob' date=' didn't you once have the Vigil Aunties, a group of superpowered little old ladies, with names like Auntie Matter, Auntie Aircraft, and the like?[/quote']I'd clean forgotten about them! (The other two were Auntie Freeze and Auntie Virus.)


I'm very glad you reminded me of them, Chris.... :D

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Re: Super Names


Here are The Shadowers. This group "shadows" the Force of Nine on the frontier of the Allied Worlds League. This is a planned playing group for GenCon. This is also a homage group.

Bad Seed: A human plant controller looking for redemption.

Bloodmoon: A native of the "Devil's World", a rogue planet with clans contiuouslly at war with one another. She gains superstrength at night and can be augmented under multiple moons.

Firestarter: Verkanner's missing brother who has sworn to protect the legacy of an advanced race that has left the planet which is their base. He is a firebreather.

Flechette: An alien from an agro-world who was kidnapped by the Icorians and turned into a living weapon cappable of firing adamantium quills. Vengence is her motivation.

Icebreaker: A human mutant who must where advanced armour to keep his body at below freezing levels.

Minder: An alien egoist whose eyes were torn out in order to rid her of her "curse" by her world's ignorant inhabitants. She is able to see through someone else's sight. She seeks justice.

Obelisk: Firestarter's bodyguard and freind whose sense of duty is as strong as his rock-like strength. He is also the the team's second pilot.

Spectragirl: A lonely human girl with an energy symbiot that creates a wide variety of energy blasts along the electro-magnetic spectrum. She is just looking for a place to belong.

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Re: Super Names


For some reason' date=' a character named "Bonehead" makes me think of Curly with superpowers. Hmm, what would some Superpowered Stooges look like?[/quote'] Super Stooges ? Hmm. Curly would be the "brick", possibly with a "Hulk" like ability to get madder and stronger when he is attacked. "Mo" could be a martial artist; remember how he was always hitting the others and they could never (or rarely) get in a return hit on him ? With his wild hair perhaps Larry could have electrical powers and Shemp could be the team mentalist, able to cause irrational actions in others with his inane antics and prattle ! Move over "Fantastic Four", here come "The Super Stooges" !:eek:
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