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Re: Kitchen Woman
Originally posted by zornwil What in the world is wrong with Kichen Woman? I don't mean in any PC way' date=' either, I just mean it's easy for me to envision a superheroine possessing these powers. [/b']
If the first publication that comes to mind when I read a name is Too Much Coffee Man, said name is unlikely to make it to the next roundup.


You're just afraid of offending Trade Mark Copyright Man.


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Black Viper


Human Weapon, The

Nameless, The


Vervain (An herb reputed to have magical properties)

Vesper Candeo (Latin: Evening Brilliance)

Yehudi (Used to refer to an "invisible" man in the 40s)


Zāinàn (Chinese word for "Disaster)





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Artifex (Latin: Craftsman)

Báifà Mónǚ (Chinese: White-Haired Demoness)

Black Whirlwind



Jiraiya (Hero from 19th century Japanese novel Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari who can shape shift into a giant toad)

Orochimaru: (villain from 19th century Japanese novel Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari who uses snake magic)(<

Tsunade (Love interest from Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari who uses snail magic)


Tyrannos (Greek: Tyrant)

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Alpha Bitch

Erika Zann (Inspired by Lovecraft's Erich Zann)

Fatal Grace


Herne The Hunter

Maka Pilau (Hawaiian: Evil Eye)

Malocchio (Italian: Evil Eye)

Mother Confessor



Onikiri (Japanese: Oni slayer)

Smiling Jack

Sword Saint



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Adder Tongue

Dai Sai: (Chinese: Big/Small, a dice game)

Duende (Spanish/Portueguese, a kind of fairy or goblin, also the quality of emotional expression in flamenco dancing)


Hard Candy

Human Hive, The

Judgement Rains

Morte, La (French: Death (Feminine)

Rastik (Estonian name for the common viper)

Svetlonos (Czech: Torchbearer)

Tenebrae (Italian: Darkness)


Wild Orchid


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Jericho Rose

Man Eater

October Mourning

Red Claw (Red Tooth's partner)

Red Tooth (Red Claw's partner)

Silent Partner

Ataraxia (Greek: Tranquility)

Bee Sting



Max Turbo


Righteous Fist

Rock Hard

Sun King


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