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Re: Re: Re: Unknown reasons


Originally posted by Dynamo

Wait, does "naff" mean bad or dumb? As in "It's OK if it sounds stupid; it's British"?


Speak English, dude. ;)

According to the English people I know, "naff" can mean corny, stupid, or just generically inferior.

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Re: Silly Part 2 E to L


Originally posted by death tribble

Here is the second installment. I must admit to a liking for old style ones that were in the list like I of the Hurricane, Humus Sapiens and the wonderful Gronk the Talking Monkey with a Zap Gun.

Some of these are mine particularly things like Horrid Hun. I include it for completeness sake but am grateful that you did adapt the idea on one of the others cf Pillaging Persian begat Pillage and Persian.

I can only proof read one list at a time. The one I looked at did not have Requiem and Scatterbrain. If they are on now, fair enough.


*List omitted*

Yup, silly/dumb rule again. I changed my mind about False Hood and Fire Drill, though I collapsed them so Falsehood and Firedrill.


I think you need to doublecheck which list you're using or work only from the most recent roundup. According to my list archive, Requiem, Scatterbrain, and now Grimblud were never editted out, but rather have been on the list since they were submitted.

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Re: Missing 33 A to I


Originally posted by death tribble


Sorry managed to miss the following 33 from the first batches on the silly side. Silly old me.


*List omitted*

Silly old names. Except Big Chill, which was (you know the words) not deleted.
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Re: Too Similar ?


Originally posted by death tribble



These five may have been too similar to ones already there (in the list) and in one case to an established comics character (Deliberately so).


Ambusher (Ambush)

Cheat, The (Cheater)

Colour, The (Colours)

Crimson Gnome (Green Goblin)

Scam Artist (Scam)

Some were excessively similar, some didn't sound like good super names.
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Originally posted by altamaros

I just correct a few spelling and translations ... I just help for translations in french of some english words if it can help.

Awright! Foreign language help. In theory, I can get by in French (1 pt Basic Conversation), but I'm sorely lacking in social context.


Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I wanted to set aside some time to do it right.

As Doug MacRae said it's a brand of cigarettes. You can use "les Gitans" (means exactly the same thing; "les gitanes" would indicate a female-only group
Thanks. Since I'm not putting groups in the roundups, this one will make it in as La Gitane.
0382 - Bette Noire (French: Black Beast)

-> right spelling is "Bête noire"

You are correct. I believe the contributor was attempting a name for a female super. My French instruction did not delve far into switching a noun's gender to include additional meaning. Your input on this topic would be helpful.
0589 - Bouc (French: Scapegoat)

--> Bouc just means goat

translation for scapegoat is "bouc emissaire" (litt Emissary goat)

Yuck. Does Bouc Emissaire sound as bad in French as I think it does? If so, it's out of there.
0813 - Chasseuse (French: Huntress)

--> french for Huntress is "chasseresse"

OK. Does Chasseuse mean Chaser (feminine)?
1340 - Dragon-ciel (French: Sky Dragon)

--> I know it's a official NPC but the name doesn't mean anything. i don't have any satisfying way to translate that in a nice way :

Sky dragon would litteraly be "dragon du ciel" (but it sounds ugly) or dragon celeste (celestial dragon).

Anyway he's dead so who cares ?

I hate this one too, but all the official names get an automatic OK.
1550 - Fantôme, la (French: Phantom)

--> grammary problem : Le fantome ("la" is female, the word "fantome" is male gender)

Gender switching issue again. Hopefully, you've some profound advice on the subject.
1587 - Feu Boule (French: Fire Ball)

--> Boule de feu.

To my American ear, that sounds clunky. Does Boule de Feu sound like a decent superhero name to a native French speaker, or is it a lost cause?
1710 - Fusion

1711 - Fusionne, la (French: Fusion)

--> the correct translation is "la Fusion" which is too close from the previous IMHO

I'm yanking it anyway, because it turns out to be a character from an SJGames product, and your confirmation that it's not even well-formed French just confirms the source.


However, were it not for the non-original source, I would probably leave it as it is. I'm allowing variations on correctly formed names in American English to represent the "kewlified" style occassional prevalent in super names. While "La Fusionne" is technically incorrect, it strikes me as a reasonable effort to enhance the femininity of the name, though that is the opinion of someone unused to ubiquitous gender-izations in everyday speech.

1747 - Gaul (France in Roman era)

--> Gaule but i would not suggest you to use that name

"avoir la gaule" (to have the G.") is a french slang expression to errr... describe the fact that a man is in a state of sexual excitation. (i don't joke)

Hu hu hu hu hu... he said "gaule."


Point taken. Thanks.

2073 - Homme de Gel, l' (French: Frost Man)

2074 - Homme de Glace, l' (French: Ice Man)

2075 - Homme de Magie, le (French: Man of Magic)

--> it's syntaxically correct but it really sounds too bad in french. avoid hero names with "homme"

I thought that might be the case. Can you suggest a way to salvage these?
3050 - Monsieur Diamont (French: Mister Diamond)

--> Monsieur Diamand

4939 - Triomphe, la (French: Triumph)

--> Le Triomphe (male gender)

Gender switching again. I'll wait for your reply to mess with those.


Thanks for your help.

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Okay "Death Tribble" here is where "St Barbara" gets all pedantic. "Blucher" was never a german "Pocket Battleship". The first "Blucher" was an attempt by the Imperial German Navy in WWI to create a Battlecruiser. Partly because of some very clever British disinformation she emerged as an enlarged Armoured Cruiser (with 8.2 inch guns) rather than a Battlecruiser(A vessel of Battleship dimensions and armament e g 11 or 12 inch main guns in the case of German vessels, with less armour and higher speed) The "Blucher" of WWII was a standard Heavy Cruiser with an armament of 8" guns, which was permitted under the Versailles Treaty. The first "Blucher' was lost at the battle of Dogger Bank when the Germans discovered that here weaker armament couldn't match it against the British battlecruisers. The second "Blucher' had the distinction of being one of the few large warships lost to a LAND BASED torpedo when she was torpedoed (and shelled) by the Norwegian coastal defences during the German attack on Oslo in WWII. The term "pocket Battleship" rightly applies only to those ships designed by the Germans before WWII to evade the limitations of the Versailles treaty. They were "Lutzow", "Admiral Graf Spee" and "Admiral Scheer" !

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OK, some more that I would like to add. A couple of them may have problems with the silly filter, but they are both real though somewhat lighthearted characters.


Boss Nova - one guess concerning his favorite type of music


Briar Rose


Corvette- mine is named after the type of car not the warship, but that would be good also


Satori- means sudden enlightenment


Street Demon

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Silly Part 3 L to R




Latest bit. Around 60.


Loose Woman

Lord of All Hopelessness


Low Brow

Mad Eyed Schemer

Mademoiselle Dog

Major Problem

Malicious Medieval

Mamoth Ninja

Man from Amazonia

Mark E De Sard

Marine Copse

Marine Corpse

Marvel Louse

Mean Mr. Mustard

Mellow Yellow

Mexican Wave

Mia Moore

Mighty Flea, The

Million in Juan

Miss Ann Thrope

Miss Deed

Miss Golightly

Miss Judge

Miss Represent

Miss Rule

Mister Amoeba

Mister Monkey

Mister Peppermint Man

Molly Coddler

Monk E

Monkey Business

Moscow Mule (cocktail)

Moving Violation

Mystery Dinosaur

Naughty Louse

Nearsighted Visionary

Negie the Car

New York Nicker

Nihilistic Gardener

Old Fossil

Old McDonald

One Man One Armed Army Corpse

Orbiting Superhero

Past Tense

Patchwork Blitzkrieg

Pebble Dash

Perilous Pauline

Phyllis Stein (the Monster's daughter)

Pillaging Persian

Pink Flamingo Man

Pioneer Corpse


Premature Burial

President of the Bored

Pro Lice Man

Purple Octopus

Purple People Eater

Rhode Island Red

Rick Tors Cale

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A few more...


A few more:


Anhyde (destroys water) [*]

Animaster (composite of animal powers)

Balefire (evil mentalist)

Chef Death (it's a loooooong story) [*]

Dreamassassin (kills via dreams)

Hooded Hangman, The (noose wielding killer)

Infernus (half-demon sorcerer)

Inverse (turns metahuman powers against owner)

Mister Moray (teeth, claws, swims well, fast)

Obliviax (steals minds and uses them)

Phantasm (ghostly fear powers)

Pinball Wizard, The (armored suit / pinball powers)

Ripper (Jack the Ripper's heir apparent)

Schism (separates things into their components)

Surreal McCoy, The (mentalist, illusionist)

Tarpit (made of gooey tar)

Waxman, The (animates wax figures)

Wizard of Odds, The (manipulates probability)


[*] courtesy of a friend...

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Here are the last of the silly names. And there are more than 60 but it does end the list. Now there is the one that are too general etc. So your postcount will increase again. But in your defense, there is only so much that can be done at once and you have your eyesight to think of.


Right Hand Man

Right Sort

Robert E Glee (Southern US Clown)

Rocky Mountain

Rolling Clones, The

Roman Tick

Rome E O

Sadistic Saracan

Safety First

Safety Last

San Juan Hill

Satan Claws

Screaming Beagle

Seven Caesar

Shadow Pimp

Sheik Hashud

Sheik of Araby

Sheriff Grip

Sherlock Gnomes


Sick Puppy

Silver Dream Machine


Slap Happy

Slave to the Rhythm

Slippery When Wet

Slow Knight

Soft Touch

Sour Kraut (after the cabbage dish)

Spice Girl

Sports Knight

Star Spangled Batter (Patriotic Baseball Player)

Sudden Explosion

Sundown Kid, The (partner of Butch Cavity)





Superfluous Man

Superhero Lite

Super Radiation Man

Super Vampire

Sweet Heart

Swiss Army Knife Man

Tails (of Top Hat and Tails)

Tar Baby

Tattered Terrorist


Telepathic Robot

Ten Gallon Hat

Tickler, The

Tiepin, The

Tony Contralto (Gang Boss)

Top Hat (of Top Hat and Tails)

Torch Singer

Torture Garden

Tough Love

Torso, The

Treacherous Turk

Triskaidekaphobia Lass

Troy Ounce

Tutti Frutti

Unfriendly Fire

Underground Stallion

Underwater Yoddler

Unnecessary Violence

Unusual Punishment

Vibro Monkey

Walrus, The

Warped Mentality

Water Torture


Whirl Conundrum

Whole Tooth

Wild Western

Woody Alien


Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Pansy (Dandy's partner)


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Originally posted by Balok

Dynamo, are you planning to do anything else with this thread?

I was waiting for a reply from altamaros so I could clean up some of the French names, but it looks like I'm not going to get that feedback.


I'm working up a roundup tonight. Stay tuned.

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Originally posted by death tribble

Here are the last of the silly names. And there are more than 60 but it does end the list. Now there is the one that are too general etc. So your postcount will increase again. But in your defense, there is only so much that can be done at once and you have your eyesight to think of.


*list omitted*

Yup, again Dumb/Silly and Genre filters. However, I changed my mind about Rocky Mountain, and I put Spice Girl back in as Spice Grrl. Screaming Beagle and Sick Puppy were moved to the Fuzzy appendix.
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Re: Question


Originally posted by death tribble

We have on the list names corresponding to Allied aircraft of World War 2 and later. What about the names of enemy planes from WW2 or the company names, like Messerchmitt ?

Consider Messerschmitt submitted. Got more?
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Wow! Many of mine made it.


You've got Ripper in there twice. Damn, that quick I forgot what numbers, but they might be 3929 and 3930.


Out of curiosity, what didn't you like about "The Surreal McCoy"?


Thanks for going to the trouble of compiling these lists.

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