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Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


It's a pity I'm broke this week. A local art house is showing OSS 117: Nest of Spies and Agent OSS-117 is a perfect character to be written up for HERO' date=' in that he is France's top secret agent -- and also a complete idiot, chauvinist pig and racist jerk. The movie involves the agent going to Egypt for a mission and botching it completely, all the while believing himself to be cool, suave and competent. The movie, which was made in 2007, is shot to look as if it was made in the 1960's (when OSS-117 was a popular film and book character in France -- sort of the French James Bond although the character predates Bond by about a decade and a half) complete with bad lighting and dodgy effects.[/quote']


1949 for the first book of OSS 117

1953 for Casino Royale


1962 for Dr. No (movie)

1956 for O.S.S. 117 Is Not Dead (movie)


Nope, don't see a 15 years in either of those, heheh.

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


heres a new one to write up

po the panda aka KUNG FU PANDA

I look forward to your write-up Bubba :)

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


i'm lousy at math so

strength 10

dexterity 5[heIS clumsy after all]

agilty 5

com7[he's good looking as panda go]

disadvantages clumsiness comon

subject to orders,common

skills cook,voice mimicery,kung fu

martial arts manuvers block ,side-kick,punch, superleap unfortunaly more like STUPORleap in po's case

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


I'd really love to see a write-up for Suigintou, Shinku and the rest of the dolls from Rozen Maiden.

I'm no way ready to do them myself, being such a HERO novice!

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


here's a couple more shark boy [and to avoid confusion i mean the TNA wrestler]

alex rider[though considering in the books alex is a minor he might be better for TEEN CHAMPIONS]




DEX 18

CON 15


INT 13

EGO 15

PRE 15

COM 12

PD 6

ED 3



END 40




breakfall 14

climbing 13

conversation -12


Shadowing 12

Stealth 14

slight of hand 13


French- completly fluent

German- completly fluent

Spanish- completly fluent

Italian- basic conversation

japanese- basic conversation

Jack of all trades:

PS secret agent 13

PS athlete 13

PS play snooker-13

TF: parachutes, snowboards, scuba gear, light aircraft, light ground vehicles.


WF: common melee, small arms, martial arts weapons


Contact: MI6, organisational -8

Contact: Smithers- 11 good relationship.


Martial arts- karate

Punch- martial strike

Kick-offensive strike

legsweep- legsweep.

Block- martial block

dodge- martial dodge



+2 damage classes

+4 with karate


Improved equipment allowance: Advanced military



Watched By MI6 -14 more powerful NCI

Hunted By Scorpia -8, more powerful, NCI

DNPC: Jack starbright, normal 14

DNPC: Sabina Pleasure, normal, -8

Psych lim: will not murder, common, strong

Psych lim: reluctant hero

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


Has anyone written up Agent Dana Scully' date=' yet? I already have Mulder, but I can't find her anywhere.[/quote']

There was a big thread about her on here about a year ago. can't remember if there was a full write up posted, but lots of discussion and suggestions.

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


nice stats on alex rider shoutybloke

Hardest part was defining his attitude to killing. Whilst he's pathalogicly unable to simply shoot someone, nearly every major bad guy in the series ends up dead by his hands.

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


The Tenth Doctor


[b]The Doctor - Dr. Who, John Smith[/b]

[b][u]VAL[/u]   [u]CHA[/u]   [u]Cost[/u]   [u]Total[/u]   [u]Roll[/u]      [u]Notes[/u][/b]
15    STR     5   15      12-       HTH Damage 3d6  END [1]
16    DEX     18   16      12-       OCV 5 DCV 5
15    CON     10   15      12-
15    BODY    10   15      12-
20    INT     10   20      13-       PER Roll 13-
20    EGO     20   20      13-       ECV: 7
15    PRE     5   15      12-       PRE Attack: 3d6
15    COM     3   15      12-
5    PD      2   5             5 PD (0 rPD)
5    ED      2   5             5 ED (0 rED)
5    SPD     24   5                 Phases:  3, 5, 8, 10, 12
15    REC     18   15
50    END     10   50
34    STUN    3   34
6    RUN      0   6"                END [1]
2    SWIM     0   2"                END [1]
3    LEAP     0   3"                3" forward, 1 1/2" upward

[b]CHA Cost: 140[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]POWERS[/u][/b]
    Gallifreydian Physiology - END=
20     1)  [b][i]Gallifreyan Organs[/i][/b]: Life Support  (Immunity All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents) - END=0
23     2)  [b][i]Gallifreyan Regeneration[/i][/b]: Major Transform 10d6 (The Current Doctor into The Next Doctor); 2 Charges which Never Recover (-3 1/2), No Conscious Control: Only at Time of Death (-2) - END=[2 nr]
11     3)  [b][i]Gallifreyan Willpower[/i][/b]: Mental Defense (15 points total) - END=0

[b]POWERS Cost: 54[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]SKILLS[/u][/b]
9      Acting 15-
3      Breakfall 12-
7      Bureaucratics 14-
4      Computer Programming (Personal Computers, Mainframes and Supercomputers) 13-
9      Conversation 15-
5      Cramming 
3      Criminology 13-
3      Cryptography 13-
3      Deduction 13-
11      Electronics 17-
9      High Society 15-
7      Inventor 15-
8      KS: Time & Space 18-
7      Mechanics 15-
11      Navigation (Dimensional, Temporal) 17-
3      Paramedics 13-
7      Persuasion 14-
3      Research 13-
3      Security Systems 13-
7      Sleight Of Hand 14-
3      Stealth 12-
10      Systems Operation (Dimensional Sensors, Dimensional/Temporal Communications) 17-
3      Tactics 13-
1      TF:  T.A.R.D.I.S.
4      WF:  Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons

[b]SKILLS Cost: 143[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]PERKS[/u][/b]
65      Vehicles & Bases
10      Fringe Benefit:  Time Lord
5      Reputation:  The Doctor (A medium-sized group) 11-, +5/+5d6

[b]PERKS Cost: 80[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]TALENTS[/u][/b]
5      Eidetic Memory
18      Evasive
14      Fearless
4      Speed Reading (x10)
22      Universal Knowledge  15-
22      Universal Scientist 15-

[b]TALENTS Cost: 85[/b]

Sonic Screwdriver:  Variable Power Pool, 30 base + 15 control cost, Powers Can Be Changed As A Zero-Phase Action (+1); OIF (-1/2), Cannot Effect Wood Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (-1/2)

[b][u]Value[/u]  [u]DISADVANTAGES[/u][/b]
15     Dependent NPC:  Companion of the Time 14- (Normal; Useful Noncombat Position or Skills)
20     Hunted:  Rogue's Gallery 11- (Mo Pow, Harshly Punish)
30     Hunted:  The Master 14- (Mo Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)
15     Psychological Limitation:  Quirky (Common, Strong)
15     Psychological Limitation:  Hates Daleks (Common, Strong)
15     Psychological Limitation:  Overconfident (Common, Strong)
10     Reputation:  The Doctor, 11-
10     Unluck: 2d6
297     Time Lord Bonus

[b]DISADVANTAGES Points: 427[/b]

Base Pts: 200
Exp Required: 0
Total Exp Available: 0
Exp Unspent: 0
Total Character Cost: 502


The Ninth Doctor regenerates into the Tenth due to cellular damage caused by absorbing the energies of the time vortex at the climax of "The Parting of the Ways". In the Children in Need mini-episode, the Doctor initially exhibits stable behaviour as he introduces his new form to Rose Tyler, showing particular interest in his appearance, but soon begins acting erratically and says that his regeneration has "gone wrong". He remains in a delirious or comatose state through most of the events of "The Christmas Invasion" until his regeneration is settled through absorbing the free radicals and tannin from some hot tea that had dripped onto a power source inside the TARDIS. He then saves the Earth from invasion by defeating the leader of the alien Sycorax using a satsuma.


The Tenth Doctor and Rose go on to rescue Queen Victoria from a werewolf. The Doctor is knighted as "Sir Doctor of TARDIS" as a reward — a title he later uses during his first journey with Martha Jones — although Victoria banishes them from the British Empire and sets up the Torchwood Institute to defend Britain from paranormal threats and wait for the Doctor's return. He finally encounters the Institute in "Army of Ghosts".


In "The Girl in the Fireplace", he develops romantic feelings for Madame de Pompadour while attempting to discover why clockwork androids on a 51st Century spaceship are stalking her throughout her life. Ultimately, he is unable to take her with him as the last, asynchronous time window returns him to her after her death.


In "Rise of the Cybermen", the Doctor is forced to fix the broken TARDIS by giving up the energy from ten years of his life (but he claims that it is worth every second).


In "The Doctor's Daughter", the TARDIS takes the Doctor, Martha, and Donna Noble to the planet Messaline in an unspecified time period. Armed human colonists forcefully extrapolate the Doctor's DNA and create a young female soldier for their army. She later chooses the name "Jenny", as suggested by Donna, alluding to her status as a "generated anomaly". Despite being reminded of the loss of his family and his former status as a parent, the Doctor eventually accepts her as his 'daughter', only to be separated from her by the end of the episode after he believes her to have died, not knowing that she later returned to life.


The Tenth Doctor has used his psychic abilities more often on screen than his previous incarnations. He continues to use the Ninth Doctor's psychic paper, but has also been seen using telepathic techniques several times (for instance, in "The Girl in the Fireplace" and "The Shakespeare Code"). In "Last of the Time Lords", he uses his telepathic skills over a year to tap into the Archangel satellite network to rejuvenate himself with humanity's belief in him. He is then able to manipulate the combined energy apparently created by that belief, using it alternately as a shield and as a weapon, in the form of telekinesis.


In "Voyage of the Damned" the Tenth Doctor states that he is 903 years old.


In "The Stolen Earth" the Tenth Doctor is shot by a Dalek while running toward Rose. Captain Jack and Rose bring the Doctor into the TARDIS where he begins the regeneration process. During the process, he directs the regeneration energy towards his previously severed hand that is connected to the TARDIS, keeping the Doctor in the same form.


Later Donna Noble inadvertently causes a "human biological metacrisis" by touching the severed hand, which causes a part human, part Time Lord version of the Doctor to be created. Whether he has used up one of his regenerations is not explored; in Doctor Who Confidential for this episode, Tennant says he thinks this is up to future writers.



[b]T.A.R.D.I.S./Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space - [/b]

[b][u]VAL[/u]   [u]CHA[/u]   [u]Cost[/u]   [u]Total[/u]   [u]Roll[/u]      [u]Notes[/u][/b]

20    BODY    18   20      13-
10    DEF      24   10
6      Size     12    6        Length 16", Width 8", Area 128", DCV -8
[b]CHA Cost: 54[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]POWERS[/u][/b]
60     [b][i]Dimensional Engine[/i][/b]: Extra-Dimensional Movement (Any Point in Time) - END=0
40     [b][i]Defensive Shields[/i][/b]: Force Field (15 PD/15 ED) (Protect Carried Items) - END=4

[b]POWERS Cost: 100[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]PERKS[/u][/b]
150      Location:  Distant; Location Easily-defended location, Modifier Another Dimension, Resources/Condition Extremely developed/inhabited or very good resources
30      Bases

[b]PERKS Cost: 180[/b]

[b][u]Value[/u]  [u]DISADVANTAGES[/u][/b]
10     Unluck: 2d6

[b]DISADVANTAGES Points: 10[/b]

Base Pts: 325
Exp Required: 0
Total Exp Available: 0
Exp Unspent: 0
Total Character Cost: 334


:hex: This the the current Doctor and should be considered a Work in Progress. If you have any constructive critiques, please let me know :)


:hex: The T.A.R.D.I.S. isn't complete. I'm having some difficulties finding the exact size of the current one (as they keep adding rooms). Anyone have any idea how to model a teseract?

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!


Has anyone written up Agent Dana Scully' date=' yet? I already have Mulder, but I can't find her anywhere.[/quote']




Dana Scully


[b]Dana Scully - "Starbuck"[/b]

[b][u]VAL[/u]   [u]CHA[/u]   [u]Cost[/u]   [u]Total[/u]   [u]Roll[/u]      [u]Notes[/u][/b]
10    STR     0   10      11-       HTH Damage 2d6  END [1]
14    DEX     12   14      12-       OCV 5 DCV 5
14    CON     8   14      12-
10    BODY    0   10      11-
15    INT     5   15      12-       PER Roll 12-
15    EGO     10   15      12-       ECV: 5
15    PRE     5   15      12-       PRE Attack: 3d6
14    COM     2   14      12-
2    PD      0   2             2 PD (0 rPD)
3    ED      0   3             3 ED (0 rED)
3    SPD     6   3                 Phases:  4, 8, 12
7    REC     4   7
35    END     4   35
22    STUN    0   22
6    RUN      0   6"                END [1]
2    SWIM     0   2"                END [1]
2    LEAP     0   2"                2" forward, 1" upward

[b]CHA Cost: 56[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]SKILLS[/u][/b]
9      +3 with Government Issue Firearms

2      AK: Washington DC Area 11-
3      Breakfall 12-
7      Bureaucratics 14-
3      Combat Driving 12-
4      Computer Programming (Personal Computers) 13-
5      Concealment 13-
9      Conversation 15-
9      Criminology 15-
9      Deduction 15-
3      Interrogation 12-
9      Forensic Medicine 15-
3      KS: Catholic Mythology 12-
5      KS: Federal Law & Procedures 14-
5      KS: FBI 14-
6      KS: Medical History 15-
7      Oratory 14-
9      Paramedics 15-
3      Persuasion 12-
3      PS: Profiler 12-
6      PS: Surgeon 15-
9      Research 15-
4      SS:  Biology 13-
3      Stealth 12-
9      Teamwork (Mulder) 15-
0      TF:  Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles
2      WF:  Small Arms

[b]SKILLS Cost: 146[/b]

[b][u]Cost[/u]   [u]PERKS[/u][/b]
3      Well-Connected
10      1)  Contact:  AD Walter Skinner (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has very useful Skills or resources, Very Good relationship with Contact) 14-
11      Fringe Benefit:  Concealed Weapon Permit (where appropriate), Federal/National Police Powers, Membership: F.B.I., Security Clearance
2      Reputation:  Medical Specialist (A small to medium sized group) 11-, +2/+2d6

[b]PERKS Cost: 26[/b]

[b][u]Value[/u]  [u]DISADVANTAGES[/u][/b]
15     Psychological Limitation:  Skeptic (Common, Strong)
20     Psychological Limitation:  Protective of Mulder (Common, Total)
20     Hunted:  Syndicate 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, PC has a Public ID or is otherwise very easy to find, Watching)
10     Reputation:  Mulder's Partner, 11-
15     Social Limitation:  Subject to Orders (Frequently, Major)
5     Unluck: 1d6

[b]DISADVANTAGES Points: 85[/b]

Base Pts: 100
Exp Required: 43
Total Exp Available: 43
Exp Unspent: 0
Total Character Cost: 228


Scully was born on February 23, 1964, to Margaret and William Scully, into a close-knit Catholic family. She has an older brother, William Jr., an older sister, Melissa, and a younger brother, Charles, who is never seen on the show (except in flashbacks). Her father was an officer in the Navy, and she grew up in Annapolis and later in San Diego. As a young girl, Scully's favorite book was Moby-Dick and she came to nickname her father "Ahab" from the book, and in return, he called her "Starbuck", due to this she named her dog Queequeg.

She attended University of Maryland, and earned a B.S. in Physics. Her undergraduate thesis was titled "Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation." It is now also understood that she earned her degree in Medicine from Stanford University, a fact that was previously unknown and came to light in a recent interview with show co-writer, Frank Spotnitz. While finishing medical school, she was recruited by the FBI, which she accepted, mostly because she felt she could distinguish herself there. Upon being partnered with Fox Mulder, she maintained her medical skills by acting as a forensic pathologist, often performing or consulting on autopsies of victims on X-Files cases.

Throughout the series, her Catholic faith served as a cornerstone in her life, although at times a contradiction to her otherwise rigid skepticism. Upon her career in science and medicine, she drifted from her Catholic upbringing but remained somewhat entrenched in her faith.

Scully almost always wears a golden cross necklace, given to her by her mother as a Christmas or birthday present when she was a teen (both mentioned but never clarified). Upon her abduction ("Ascension", 2x06) it was the only item left behind in Duane Barry's getaway car. Mulder wore it ("3", 2x07) in her absence until she miraculously reappeared in a DC hospital. ("One Breath", 2x08) After she recovered, he returned the cross to her.

The abduction visibly tested the limits of her faith, when she began to exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder on a case involving a murdering fetishist named Donnie Pfaster ("Irresistible", 2x13). This psychological revictimisation continues after Pfaster escaped from prison five years later and again attempted to kill her in her home, ending only after she fatally shot him, while Mulder had Pfaster covered. She struggled with what motivated her actions to kill Pfaster, and questioned whether it was God compelling her to kill Pfaster, or "something else." ("Orison", 7x07)

About a year after the first Donnie Pfaster incident, Scully was further conflicted when protecting a young stigmatic by the name of Kevin Kryder, whose life was threatened by a psychotic, apparently suffering from Jerusalem syndrome ("Revelations", 3x11). Skeptical of the boy's claims but unable to deny what she has seen, Scully was unable to respond when the boy prophetically asked, "Are you the one who was sent to protect me?", implying Scully's intervention was the direct work of God. As a result of their experiences on the Kryder case, the philosophy of faith and religion caused a disagreement between Mulder and Scully that continued through out the duration of their work together.

Some time later, the cancer diagnosis forced Scully to begin contemplating her own mortality. However, she resisted the gentle prodding from her family priest, Father McCue, to resume attending church services. When the severity of her illness increased, and pushed her to the brink of death, Scully finally requested ministry from Father McCue, and chose to accept her remission as a miracle. ("Redux", 5x03)

Upon the sudden discovery of her daughter Emily Sim, Scully gave the little girl her cross to wear while she petitioned to adopt her. Before her funeral, Scully retrieved the cross from Emily's casket.

Sometime after her recovery, Scully began to regularly attend Mass again. At the request of Father McCue, Scully got involved in a case concerning a paraplegic girl who was found dead in a kneeling position with her palms outstretched and eye sockets charred. ("All Souls", 5x17) After Scully discovered the girl was part of a set of quadruplets and two more were murdered, Father McCue shared with her the story of the seraphim and the nephilim, which Scully interpreted as a possible explanation for the deformations and deaths of the girls. Scully continued to have visions of Emily, and when the last girl died, Scully believed she was returning the girl to God. Upon her return to D.C., she went to confession to gain peace of mind and acceptance for Emily's death.

Mulder and Scully frequently disagreed on matters of religion. Scully is more inclined to believe that God has a hand in people's actions, while Mulder seems to believe that people are responsible for their own behavior.

Scully initially instructed at the FBI Academy in Quantico. Mulder's investigations into the paranormal were steadily increasing his profile to members of The Syndicate to the point where his notoriety prevented them from simply killing him. A strategy was devised to invalidate his work, and in the Spring of 1992, Scully was assigned to debunk his investigations by disproving them with science. Instead, she observed the evidence objectively and honestly. The Syndicate soon dropped this endeavor, and Scully remained part of the X-Files office, providing an intelligent, empirical opposite to Mulder's more maverick character. Over the years of working as a team, they exhibited a comfortable working relationship, each bringing important parts to their intriguing, and usually dangerous, investigations.

In 1994, after two years of working together, the Syndicate decided the agents were getting too close to the truth and the X-Files investigations were closed. Mulder and Scully were sent to work in different sections.

In "Ascension" (2x06), Scully was kidnapped by a mental patient named Duane Barry, an ex-FBI agent and multiple alien abductee. To prevent his own abduction, he traded her to a military covert operation. Scully was missing for several weeks before mysteriously turning up in a D.C. area hospital, comatose ("One Breath", 2x08). Walter Skinner ordered the X-Files reopened to investigate her disappearance. When Scully awakened, she voluntarily returned to her position almost immediately. Her abduction experience would later come to serve in an important capacity to the X-Files mythology.

In 1995, The Syndicate, seeing that Scully had become as much of a threat as Mulder, attempted to have her murdered, but their assassins inadvertently killed her sister, Melissa. Scully pursued her sister's murder case after the FBI dropped it (from influence by the Syndicate), and tracked down the killer. However, the hitman was soon himself murdered by conspiracy operatives, leaving Scully without any justice for her sister, but strengthening her continuing search for the truth. Also that year, Scully discovered a tiny microchip implanted in the back of her neck during her abduction. ("The Blessing Way", 3x01) She had it removed and subsequently developed an inoperable, cancerous, nasopharengeal tumor. Scully's cancer miraculously went into remission several months later when Mulder broke into The Pentagon to retrieve a replacement chip. Scully also learned that her abduction resulted in her inability to conceive children, as her ova had apparently been harvested.

Scully's convictions were proven while visiting her brother in California during the Christmas holidays of 1997. She received a phone call from a voice that sounded identical to Melissa's ("Christmas Carol", 5x05) which led her to a house in the middle of an investigation of the hours-old suicide of the homeowner's wife. There, Scully met the deceased's three-year-old adopted daughter, Emily, who looked exactly like a childhood picture of Melissa. Convinced that she was Melissa's biological daughter, she ordered a series of DNA comparison tests. However, Scully was shocked to discover that not Melissa, but she herself was actually Emily's mother. ("Emily", 5x07) When the adoptive father was killed by Alien Bounty Hunters, Scully immediately petitioned for custody. Unfortunately, Emily was terminally ill with a rare form of anemia, and died shortly after Scully discovered her existence. In actuality, Emily was one of several alien/human hybrids created using alien DNA and harvested ova from other abductees.

In the X-Files movie The X-Files: Fight the Future, Scully was infected by the Black Oil virus after being stung by a carrier bee, and taken to a secret laboratory in Antarctica. Mulder located her, administered a weak vaccine, and rescued her.

Despite her previous diagnosis, Scully was unwilling to accept her infertility and decided to attempt in-vitro fertilization. She asked Mulder to be the donor, but initial results were negative. However, in the Spring of 2000, Mulder was abducted at the same time Scully discovered she was pregnant. It was later revealed that she and Mulder had begun a sexual relationship shortly before these events.

Special Agent John Doggett was assigned to find Mulder. The search soon proved fruitless, and Doggett was assigned to work with Scully on the X-Files. After eight years of investigating unexplained phenomena, Scully had slowly become more open to believing in the paranormal, and Doggett took her place as "the skeptic". Scully worked late into her pregnancy. However, even after Mulder's return, she remained anxious and fearful of her unborn child's origins and fate. Hunted down by agents of the conspiracy, she fled with the help of Doggett and Monica Reyes, shortly before giving birth in a remote area of Georgia. She named the boy William after Mulder's father. (Fox Mulder is presumably the child's father; see his and William's entries for more information).

After William's birth, Mulder voluntarily went into hiding, believing that his living with Scully and William put them at risk. Scully also left fieldwork to teach Forensics, turning over the X-Files division to Doggett and Reyes. Shortly after, she learned that she and William were under surveillance by the New Syndicate. In 2002, after William was kidnapped but eventually found safe, Scully felt she could no longer provide the safety he needed, and gave him up for adoption. (See his entry for more information.)

In the series finale, Scully helped Mulder escape a bogus imprisonment and death sentence, and the two ran away as fugitives to New Mexico, where they had a final confrontation with Cigarette Smoking Man. Scully and Mulder are currently on the run from the New Syndicate, to protect themselves and expose the truth about the government conspiracy to cover up the threat of alien colonization.


:hex: I also have another version of Mulder that I may post at some point.

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Re: Hero Goes to the Movies (or TV Shows)!



:hex: This the the current Doctor and should be considered a Work in Progress. If you have any constructive critiques, please let me know :)


:hex: The T.A.R.D.I.S. isn't complete. I'm having some difficulties finding the exact size of the current one (as they keep adding rooms). Anyone have any idea how to model a teseract?


Very nice, and repped. :)


Some thoughts:


1) At least 4 overall levels would be justified. The Doctor has engaged in a sword fight and made a good showing (despite the loss and return of his hand), and taken a look at a technology he claimed not to be able to match and then improved upon it a few minutes later. He seems to be good at anything with a few minutes of trying; to me, that looks like Universal Skills plus Overall Levels (other interpretations are of course fine).


2) Luck, around 6d6 of it. The doctor often uses unlikely coincidences to his advantage.


3) The TARDIS has Universal Translator, Usable as an Attack at Range, Up to 16 targets Simultaneously (rough guess). The Doctor himself might arguably be the source of this power (remember the Christmas Invasion; the return of this power was one sign the Doctor had stabilized).


4) Transformation Usable On Self isn't legal. Probably better to use a Triggered Multiform linked to a Triggered Resurrection, charges never recover.


5) The Doctor has Power Skill: Time Lord, and Power Skill: Gadgeteering. He's always coming up with odd one shot applications of his Time Lord power set that never show up again, and coming up with unusual gadgets based on whatever is lying around.

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