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Back at last...

Space Cadet

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Ahhh... Finally, finally back at last on the boards... Before I go

any further though, there are a couple of "Thank Yous" that

need to be taken care of.


First of all, thanks to Natoman for keeping the Discussion Boards

going on his website for the length of time it took for the main

boards to be reestablished here. I don't know of many boards

like this where a member would provide space on his personal

website in order to keep things going.


Thanks are also due to Ben Seeman for fixing whatever was

keeping me from posting to the boards. I can't think of too

many things that are more frustrating than to be able to

read the topic threads, but not be able to actively take part

in them.


Now that that's been taken care of, there are a couple of threads

from the old boards that apparently haven't made it to the new

boards just yet.


The first of these missing threads is Dizzy Dan's "Please Review

My Space-Opera Villain". This was one of the more interesting

threads on the Star Hero boards, and it'd be great to see it

back on the board.


The other missing thread is the "Star Frontiers Hero" thread.

I can't remember who originally posted that particular thread,

but it was the other topic that I was keeping track of when

the boards were trashed.


What I'd like to do, therefore, is make the following request to

the authors of these particular topics: if, by any chance you

happen to be reading this thread, you could restart your

threads on the new board.


Space Cadet :cool:

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