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New Character: Lady Liberty

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Lady Liberty


Val Char Cost Roll Notes

50 STR 40 19- 10d6, 25t, 10" Leap [5 END]

23 DEX 39 14- OCV 8 DCV 8

25 CON 30 14-

12 BODY 12 11-

18 INT 18 13-

18 EGO 16 13- DCV 6

20 PRE 10 13-

20 COM 5 13-

15 PD 5

15 ED 10

5 SPD 17

15 REC 0

50 END 0

50 STUN 0

Total Characteristics Cost: 184


Cost Skills

2 AK: New York City 11-

3 Bump of Direction

3 Combat Pilloting: Military Aircraft 14-

3 KS[iNT Based]: Aviation 13-

4 Language: Native French

3 Mechanics 13-

5 Money: Well Off

3 Navigation 13-

3 PS[DEX Based]: Aviator 14-

10 SL: Overall +1

3 Systems Operation 13-

1 TF: Large Aircraft

1 TF: Small Aircraft

Total Skills Cost: 44


Cost Powers

20 Armor +10 PD +10 ED, OIF: Shield (-1/2)

30 Multipower (60 Points) OAF: Torch (-1)

2 u) EGO Attack 5d6 [5 END]

2 u) EB 10d6 [5 END]

1 u) Images One Hex, Only to Create Light (-1), No END (+1/2)

2 u) Mind Control 10d6 [5 END]

7 ES: Radio Perception/Transmit, IAF: Crown (-1/2)

4 Mental Defense 10 Points, IAF: Crown (-1/2)

40 Multipower (50 Points) IIF: Sandals (-1/4)

4 u) Flight 15", 8x NCM, 1/2 END (+1/4)

4 u) Running +20", 1/2 END (+1/4)

6 Transform: Instant Change (One Set of Clothes), Gestures (-1/4)

Total Powers Cost: 122


Total Cost: 350


200+ Disadvantages

5 Distinctive Features: Beautiful & Statuesque (Easily Conceal/Noticed)

15 Hunted: Fifth Column (As Powerful/NCI) 8-

20 Hunted: Countess von Kruel (As Powerful/NCI) 11-

15 Hunted: Leopard (As Powerful) 11-

20 PsyL: Code Against Killing (Common/Total)

15 PsyL: Must Live Up To Heroic Family Legacy (Common/Strong)

15 PsyL: Superpatriotic (Common/Strong)

15 SocL: Secret Identity [Laura Lockhart, World Famous Aviator]

30 Vulnerability: Surprise Attacks, 2x STUN (Very Common)

Total Disadvantages Cost: 350


Appearance: Lady Liberty is a beautiful and tall woman in her late 20s with red hair and blue eyes. She wears a red, white, and blue gown, with a gold book shaped shield, gold "Statue of Liberty" crown, gold torch, and golden sandals.

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New Character: Lady Liberty Background


Background: Laura Lockhart was a world famous aviator who during an around the world solo flight discovered a secret Axis base near the Panama Canal. An unmarked fighter from that base attempted to shoot down her unarmed plane, and during the pursuit both planes flew into an interdimentional gateway to the Realm of the Ancients. Deciding to aid the allied cause they gave Laura superhuman strength, and four weopons to battle the Axis.


The Shield of Athena, which gave her invulnerability.


The Torch of Aphrodite, which gave her the abiltity to control minds, and power over light and flame.


The Crown of Hera, which made defended her against evil influence.


and The Sandals of Atalanta which gave her speed and flight.


Laura was given the ability to give these weapons any shape she wished so she chose to use the Statue of Liberty as her role model, and so was born the Statuesque Heroine of Democracy, Lady Liberty!


Her enemies include the Firth Column, an Axis Supervillain/Superagent Group, Countess Claudia von Kruel, a top Axis Spy, and the Leopard, an insane woman archaeologist obsessed with finding the realm of the Ancients.

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Re: New Character: Lady Liberty


She needs a plucky young side kick that is a totally bad ass swordswoman. And just happens to be blind.


After all, you can't have Liberty without Justice.


Nice idea ! :thumbup:


(and while looking for a picture of the Statue of Liberty and Lady Justice together I came across this)


That is more than a touch disturbing sir........:ugly:



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Re: New Character: Lady Liberty


"Who is the ine true Friend of America, friend of her people from Farmer to Senator?


Keeping America Safe from the Predator, so that the weak and the meek can inherit her!


Who in the fights for our rights always wins the war, wielding Justice from the Blue?


Who stands for me and for you and for Principle?


Captain Invisible, that's Who!"


From "The Return of Captain Invincible" a 1983 movie starring Alan Arkin and Christopher Lee.

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Re: New Character: Lady Liberty


Maiden America


Val Char Cost

50 STR 40

18 DEX 24

25 CON 30

12 BODY 4

13 INT 3

11 EGO 2

15 PRE 5

20 COM 5

20 PD 10

20 ED 15

4 SPD 12

15 REC 0

50 END 0

50 STUN 0

Total Characteristics Cost: 150


Cost Skills

3 Acrobatics 13-

2 AK: Washington, D.C. 11-

3 Breakfall 13-

3 Bureacratics 13-

3 Deduction 12-

3 Disguise 12-

1 Fringe Benefit: Medical License

3 High Society 12-

4 Language: Native French

10 Money: Wealthy

3 Paramedic 12-

2 PS: Physician 11-

10 SL: Overall +1

Total Skills Cost: 50


Cost Powers

20 Damage Resistance 20 PD 20 ED

3 ES: Perception +1

4 Knockback Resistance -2"

15 Multipower (15 Points)

1 u) Leaping +15" [1 END]

1 u) Running +5", 4x NCM [1 END]

1 u) Swimming +15" [1 END]

2 LS: Intense Cold

2 LS: Intense Heat

1 LS: Longevity [200 Years]

Total Powers Cost: 50


Total Cost: 250


150+ Disadvantages

15 Hunted: America's Enemies (As Powerful/NCI) 8-

20 PsyL: Code Against Killing (Common/Total)

15 PsyL: Heroic (Common/Strong)

15 PsyL: Superpatriotic (Common/Strong)

15 SocL: Secret Identity [Freq/Major]

20 Vulnerability: Sleep Gas, 2x STUN (Common)

Total Disadvantages Cost: 250


Apperance: Maiden America is a tall, shapely woman appearing to be in her late 20s. She has light brown hair and brown yes, and wears a long sleeve red, white and blue leotard with red boots, mask, and gloves, all trimmed in gold.

Dr. Madeline Ames Fremont is an attractive woman in her late 30s, who wears her hair up and wears glasses (not really needed). She uses her disguise skills to make herself look older then she is.


Background: Dr. Madeline Ames Fremont, M.D., was the daughter of famous inventor Dr. Maxwell Ames. During the First World War Dr. Ames invented a super-soldier formula and was about to turn it over to the U.S. government when German agents killed him. Rather then let her father's work fall into his murders' hands, Madeline took all of the formula and destroyed the notes. The German Spies were about to kill her when they were stopped by Marine Captain Matthew Fremont, who had come to pick up the formula.

While Madeline was in the hospital recupterating from the incident, she discovered she now had superstrength and invulnerability, and contacted Captain Matthew Fremont, USMC, and offered her services to the U.S. Government. Captain Fremont turned out to be the superhero Captain Freedom, and the pair fought Central Powers spies on the home front and in France during the war. Madeline's cover in France was as a Nurse, and she learned French there. They both worked directly for the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

After the war Madeline became a Doctor, and had a daughter named Melissa. Matthew was elected to the U.S. Senate (R, CA) a few years before the start of the Second World War, and Madeline still works for the man who was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy During World War One.


Powers: Maiden America has superhuman strength and invulnerability. She can run at 70 mph, and is impervious to heat and cold. She also ages at a much slower rate them normal humans. She is a skilled physician, and has a keen mind, and is a well trained fighter.

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